Enterprises are evolving and so is the WAN. With globalization and cloud adoption being the two megatrends affecting network architectures today, CIOs and network managers are dealing with a new set of challenges. Due to congestion, latency, jitter, and a range of other problems, application delivery to distant users over the Internet is a major problem. There is a widening disconnect between data, applications, and global end users.

In the past, deep-pocketed Fortune 500 enterprises relied on costly, complicated, private networking (typically MPLS) and optimization (typically WAN optimization) hardware to solve this problem. However, these legacy solutions weren’t designed for our cloud, mobile, and social era, and the businesses relying on the legacy solutions are no longer happy with them.

Another related problem CIOs are facing is that in order to accelerate their public-facing web resources, such as corporate websites, customer portals, and mission-critical web applications, enterprises need to resort to CDNs or Dynamic Site Acceleration solutions. This piecemeal approach to enhanced networking creates unnecessary complexity without delivering the desired results.

Before Aryaka

Aryaka invented the world’s first software-defined, ultra-optimized, cloud-delivered WAN built on a global, private, multi-tenant network.


After Aryaka-1

Aryaka has built a global network of POPs that are connected to one another using multiple links and providers to deliver reliable, enterprise-grade, full-mesh private connectivity. The function of each POP is to host the multi-tenant proprietary and patented optimization software stack. These POPs also have multiple ISP edge providers to onboard customer traffic using industry standard IPSec security, allowing each enterprise to collaborate seamlessly and securely. All you need to do is connect to our patented multi-segment private global network through one or more business-grade Internet connection(s) at each location. We will get you up and running in less than a day, so you can leverage the simplicity and agility of the Internet at the edge, while riding Aryaka’s private network over the middle mile to ensure enterprise-grade performance, so you can get blazing fast application performance across all applications (on-premises, cloud, SaaS and web).

Thus, Aryaka has built the world’s only WAN as-a-Service platform that delivers both enterprise-grade performance and Internet-like simplicity.