Partner, Head of Venture Capital Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners

It’s very interesting to see that MPLS today has reached, sort of reached, its peak. The reason for that is not necessary the limitation of its technology but how the network infrastructure has evolved.

In that regards I think SD-WAN is actually in a better position to solve today’s needs where traffic is not necessarily a hub-to-spoke, but point-to-many-points. The SD-WAN provides the flexibility for today needs.

Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

So global companies, medium and large global companies out there using typically what you see is MPLS and Internet. But it has been an evolution. They start off with MPLS, who is a site-to-site connectivity. Everything was centralized, so it just worked out well that way. With the Internet, you saw the adoption of cloud. Which then said “Hey, Internet might be the way to go”.

But you really think about the limitations around the Internet, it doesn’t provide you with the quality of service, or any SLAs around latency, or bandwidth control.

And in this new world of globalization, where data is moving everywhere, the reality is some companies are actually moving data today by physical means, because they can’t get the connectivity and the protection around the bandwidth to be up to move the data across the Internet in this world.

Yeah they could turn back to MPLS but the reality is, they may not have that option to a SaaS provider, software as a service, storage as a service provider itself.

VP of Business Development, Strategic Accounts

Aryaka, we built a global network, we have used multiple providers from around the world, and put points of presence in Tier 3, Tier 4 datacenters around the world and bridge those networks together. Essentially, we have pre-built the ultimate footprint of private connectivity for the enterprise. has

Vice President of Operation at ScaleArc

Aryaka’s ultra-optimized network provided ScaleArc with up to 300% increased network speeds.

President & CEO at ScaleArc

Overall transaction rates are up 300%, performance is better. But the number one benefit is, I get to conduct business at the pace that I want to.

CIO at Invensense

Another huge benefit for us is as we open new sites. We have a new site recently in Italy and Milan, and that site was literally up in days. If I compare that to an MPLS supplier, that would be months. It would be 3-4 months. So the advantages I am getting with Aryaka are huge.

Partner, Head of Venture Capital Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners

Deutsche Telekom, like any other telecommunications company in the world, realized the traffic shift to cloud. The partnerships and the investment in Aryaka is one of the first step we are taking towards that direction.

For enterprise customers looking for performance security, Aryaka is one of the best solution out in the market.