Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN Awarded for Excellence by TMC

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Save Millions with Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN

Zero CapEx, Built-in WAN Optimization, and a Fully Managed Network


With Aryaka, we’ve measured the impact in terms of costs savings. We’ve saved approximately 2-3 million dollars over a traditional MPLS solution…We’ve also seen a significant increase in file transfers. Anywhere up to 20x increase in speed.”
Dustin Collins, VP of Global Infrastructure Services, Platform Specialty Products

Any Application, Anywhere in the World

The Only Private Network Designed for Cloud and SaaS Connectivity


Office 365 runs up to 40x faster on Aryaka.

Aryaka’s Office 365 Acceleration solution delivers faster performance at locations around the world by combining enterprise-grade private connectivity with WAN Optimization technology.

“We had been using MPLS links to connect our international offices, but application performance remained poor, and latency was a killer. We switched to Aryaka because we place a high value on the consistency and affordability they deliver with their global, private WAN.”
Robert Genchi, Director of Information Systems/Technology at Xactly

The only Mpls alternative

With Built-In WAN Optimization and SD-WAN

Cloud_SaaS Connectivity

A single vendor solution for your enterprise WAN

“Once we deployed the Aryaka solution, we saw a dramatic decrease in application response time from hours to seconds. The Aryaka stable core network enabled our engineers in China to more quickly access their day-to-day business applications from California for improved productivity to get our products to market faster.”
Greg Wade, IT Director, SL Power Electronics

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Two Deployment Options Designed for the Global Enterprise

Augment Your MPLS with a Hybrid WAN

  • Better performance for on-premises, cloud, and SaaS workloads
  • Faster global access than public Internet
  • Enables seamless migration away from MPLS over time

Replace Your MPLS with Aryaka

  • Replace your entire network in hours or days
  • Faster cloud and SaaS application performance
  • Greater bandwidth savings

Delivered as-a-Service

Zero CapEX

Lower your TCO and see up to 56% cost savings compared to MPLS.

Deploy in hours

Be up and running worldwide within 8-48 hours. Add users and sites within minutes.

24/7 CCIE-Level Support

Rely on SLA-driven support and network management for your entire global WAN.

Increase Network Capacity on-Demand

Scale your bandwidth within hours.

“Aryaka’s managed-service model perfectly synced with our requirements and their support is light years ahead of the competition. The overall cost of the Aryaka model is much lower and we no longer have the long term and complex contracts we had before.”
Jason Dickens, Enterprise Infrastructure Manager, Flow International



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Get Enterprise-Grade Connectivity & Application
Acceleration for Your Global Business



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