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Application Performance

Delivering accelerated, predictable application performance while using Internet access links, connecting all users with all applications, is a particularly challenging problem. All Aryaka as-a-Service offerings leverage our private core network to deliver a highly reliable, lower cost, complete network solution with consistent high application performance. Our approach combining web and application protocol proxies with our patented multi-segment architecture with distributed Points Of Presence (POPs) close to business centers globally connected by a private, reliable core network allows us to revolutionize reliable enterprise connectivity, as well as access to Cloud-based services and SaaS, and leverage one network for multiple WAN needs.

Application Performance

Our TCP optimization technology using our multi-segment architecture and private core network can deliver 2 to 10X application performance improvements for all TCP applications, independent of bandwidth scaling, and is especially valuable across very long distances. Our Application Delivery as-a-Service web proxy technology provides caching, compression and persistent connections, accelerating both static and dynamic content. Our solution includes application acceleration proxies for protocols like Microsoft’s CIFS (Common Internet File System), HTTP and MAPI to deal with the problem of “chatty” applications designed for a LAN environment not working well over the WAN, which can speed application performance by up to 100X. Our Advanced Redundancy Removal™ (ARR™) data deduplication and compression algorithms for bandwidth scaling can reduce bandwidth consumption by up to 98% and speed performance when bandwidth is the bottleneck.

Cloud Applications

Many enterprises believe that they’ll save significant amounts of money by moving their applications into the cloud. While that may be true in some cases, one factor that is commonly overlooked is the failings of the public Internet. If your applications fail to deliver consistent, reliable performance, your cost savings will evaporate.

Aryaka’s globally distributed POPs sit close to business users and are connected with a dedicated private core network. The end result is that your business can achieve MPLS-like performance when accessing cloud and SaaS applications from anywhere and delivering them to anywhere in the world.

Branch Office Acceleration

Enterprise IT managers today are burdened with multiple challenges. Their workforces are globally distributed, with more users than ever located at branch office location, and an increasing proportion of users located overseas. The number and variety of applications they need to support continues to increase, while the nature of those applications is changing as well, with more applications deployed in virtualized and cloud environments. Additionally, real-time applications like voice and videoconferencing have become increasingly mission critical.

Aryaka’s WAN Optimization as-a-Service solution neatly addresses these challenges through cost-effective branch office acceleration. We combine our multi-tenant, purpose-built WAN Optimization technology with enterprise-grade connectivity via a dedicated, reliable, global core network based on globally distributed POPs. We also include innovative first-mile access through an optional appliance included with the service where needed, with centralized WAN and application layer visibility. It optimizes and accelerates connectivity for branch offices to headquarters, data centers and Cloud/SaaS applications alike. Our TCP optimization technology leverages our multi-segment architecture to deliver 2-10X faster application performance for all TCP applications, independent of bandwidth scaling, and is especially valuable across very long distances. And to ensure the mission critical applications get the right of way on the network, we include end-end QoS to allow the enterprise to use the same network for voice, video and data.

Data Center Applications

Even if your organization still relies on traditional on-premise data center applications, chances are that you must grant access to those applications to outsourcing partners, remote workers, mobile workers, etc. In other words, even traditional applications must navigate the choppy waters of the public Internet.

With Aryaka, customers are able to accelerate applications to anywhere in the world; deliver reliable and predictable performance; avoid purchasing expensive, difficult-to-manage hardware; pay for and consume only what they actually need and use, and deploy the service in minutes, not weeks or months (as with MPLS).

Mobile Applications

Mobile workers increasingly consider their smartphones and tablets as mission-critical devices. If you can’t deliver reliable application performance to your mobile workforce, productivity will suffer. And if you fail to deliver top performance to customers, they may never access your mobile application again.

Aryaka’s Application Delivery-as-a-Service solution can help you overcome mobile performance issues. Customers benefit from enterprise-grade global connectivity, which accelerates applications to mobile users anywhere in the world. Our proprietary TCP Optimization technology and application-level proxies help overcome delays over unreliable cellular networks, delivering predictable application performance even to mobile users.

IP Applications

Most businesses hope to reduce costs and improve productivity through IP applications, such as virtualized desktops, virtualized apps, IP tele- and video-conferencing, large File Transfers and secure VPN connections. However, if the network isn’t up to the task, users will abandon these applications – and often turn to less secure cloud-based alternatives.

With Aryaka’s Application Delivery as-a-Service, you ensure accelerated, predictable, reliable performance for IP applications accessed globally over the Internet. Aryaka’s technology helps you overcome latency and packet-loss problems that causes productivity applications, such as Citrix or remote desktop access (RDP), to become sluggish or even grind to a halt. End users experience a 2-10X performance boost through TCP Optimization, and our multi-segment design makes performance boosts even more noticeable over long distances.