Join Our Webinar: Optimizing App Performance in the Cloud Era

Imagine you have a big meeting. It’s a videoconference and you’re the lead. As attendees from all different time zones dial in, any number of issues, like distorted audio or delayed video, could derail your meeting.

Or let’s say you’re working on a project with multiple stakeholders in Office 365. You expect your shared Word document to load and function about the same as it would on your desktop.

In both instances, the end-user is expecting a level of performance that isn’t always easy to achieve for a global, distributed organization. When business-critical applications don’t perform the way end-users need them to, it’s not just an annoyance. It affects productivity, especially for companies with distributed, global and remote workforces.

So how do IT departments ensure that business-critical applications are performing at the level organizations need them to?

Join us for a live webinar on April 30 in which we’ll discuss how a managed SD-WAN solution is the fundamental building block for global organizations to ensure optimized performance of both SaaS and on-premise applications. We’ll answer the questions:

– Can I gain constant, immediate end-to-end visibility into application performance?

– Does focus on network performance automatically improve application performance?

– Do I need to make trade-offs between application performance and security?

– How can I reduce application latency across a global network?

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Melanie Moffett
Melanie Moffett is the Director of Digital Strategy at Aryaka. She has more than 16 years crafting successful demand generation and content marketing strategies for technology companies. She is passionate about helping IT leaders at enterprise companies find better ways to keep up at the speed up business.