Aryaka SmartCloud is designed to complement SmartConnect with multi-cloud networking delivered as-aservice. It is a plug-and-play multi-cloud and SaaS connectivity service that enables customers to spin up connectivity to IaaS and SaaS on-demand and in just a few hours.

Core Capabilities


Cloud Acceleration

Cloud Acceleration allows customers to connect to their SaaS applications over an SLA-driven connection from the nearest Aryaka PoP. This overcomes the latency and packet loss issues associated with the internet middle-mile and provides a cost-effective yet superior alternative for accelerating cloud application performance.


Cloud Direct Connect

Cloud Direct Connect is the gold standard for cloud connectivity. This feature provides an out-ofthe-box on-ramp to popular IaaS providers including Microsoft, AWS, Google, Oracle, Alibaba and IBM. Regionally distributed high-speed links directly from Aryaka PoPs support ExpressRoute to Azure, Direct Connect to AWS, Cloud Interconnect to Google, Fast Connect to Oracle, Express Connect to Alibaba, and Cloud Direct Link to IBM


Cloud Transport Gateway

The Cloud Transport Gateway optimizes connectivity and manageability for large public cloud users. Aryaka’s first integration is with Microsoft Azure, where a customer’s VNET becomes part of the enterprise WAN and resources deployed in the cloud become available over the SmartConnect service.

Deployment Options

Choose one or more options based on the needs of your WAN

IPSec tunnel

Uses an IPSec tunnel from the nearest Aryaka PoP. Applicable for both regional and global deployments

Direct connection

Uses a direct route to leading IaaS providers across the globe. Applicable for both regional and global deployments.


The Right Cloud for the Right App

Aryaka’s SmartCloud native multicloud direct connectivity permits global enterprises to effectively leverage the cloud irrespective of application type or location.

Operational Simplicity

Direct connectivity to IaaS/ PaaS/SaaS/UCaaS ensures optimized connectivity and security, with the enterprise no longer having to plan and procure their own multi-cloud connectivity.

Lower TCO

Direct multi-cloud connectivity helps enterprises generate the maximum return on their SD-WAN or SASE investment, by leveraging pre-provisioned connections that adapt to changing bandwidth requirements.

About Aryaka

Aryaka, the Cloud-First WAN and SASE company, and a Gartner “Voice of the Customer” leader, makes it easy for enterprises to consume network and network security solutions delivered as-a-service for a variety of modern deployments. Aryaka uniquely combines innovative SD-WAN and security technology with a global network and a managed service approach to offer the industry’s best customer and application experience. The company’s customers include hundreds of global enterprises including several in the Fortune 100.