Aryaka Spikes Unpredictable Enterprise WAN Traffic

Aryaka Networks has further distinguished itself as an as-a-service provider in a market full of boxes by announcing an on-demand capacity service to help address unpredictable enterprise WAN traffic developments.

Top 20 Exhibitors to Watch at Interop 2014

Browsing through the 100 announcements from exhibitors at Interop 2014, this year seems to bring a flurry of solutions and products focused on synchronising business processes with IT solutions and innovations brought by virtualisation and the concept of Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS), or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

The Precarious State of the WAN

In the age of the global cloud computing, reliance on wide area networks (WANs) has never been greater.

Packaging firm wraps network issues with WAN Optimization as a Service

A global packaging company has successfully contained its wide area network performance issues by turning to a WAN Optimization as a Service provider for connectivity.

Aryaka's WAN Optimization as-a-Service Selected by Rieke Packaging Systems

Aryaka, a provider of WAN Optimization as-a-Service, Network as-a-Service, Application Delivery as-a-Service, and Cloud Network as-a-Service, recently announced that its WAN Optimization as-a-Service has been selected by Rieke Packaging Systems, a TriMas Company, to provide better connectivity at a lower cost between its globally distributed offices.

Apply big data and IoT analytics to WAN optimization

Read about big data methods that can help net admins facilitate end-to-end visibility of network and application performance, which is the underlying call of application performance management (APM).

Five Technologies That Will Improve Your Cloud

Technologies like CloudBridge, SilverPeak, Riverbed and Aryaka strive to create new ways to delivery and manipulate data in the cloud.

WAN Is Failing Business, Reports Find

Cloud adoption is on the rise globally, but one key piece of infrastructure threatens to put the brakes on this trend.

Cloud, Mobile, M2M: They All Rely on the WAN

Despite widespread recognition that wide area networks will play a vital role in the move to distributed architectures, few enterprises seem willing to shore up their own infrastructure.

Aryaka Reveals State of Global Enterprise WAN 2014 Report

Aryaka, a company that has been providing cloud-based WAN optimization, network acceleration and application acceleration services, is throwing some inputs and thoughts through its “State of the Global Enterprise WAN” report.

Worldwide Enterprise Bandwidth Better than Expected

Of those companies accelerating cloud traffic, nearly 47 percent of all traffic from these companies ends up being accelerated cloud-related traffic.

Get your WAN optimization delivered as a cloud service

Magnum Semiconductor ultimately chose the WAN Optimization as a Service solution from Aryaka Networks ( With this utility-like cloud service, Magnum was able to deploy WAN optimization quickly because they didn’t have to install any hardware.