Channel People on the Move: Aryaka's Shawn Farshchi

Aryaka, following the launch of a new channel program in May, named Shawn Farshchi as its president and CEO.

Former EMC, Rackspace Exec Signs With Aryaka

Aryaka, the WAN-as-a-service company that just launched a domestic channel program in May, has named Jim Hilbert its new senior vice president of global sales.

Early days for WAN virtualization vendors, adoption

It’s too soon to tell how the WAN virtualization market will shake out, but that’s not stopping enterprises from embracing vWAN for remote offices.

WAN optimisation service Aryaka arrives in South Africa

Two former Internet Solutions innovation managers have brought the WAN optimization service Aryaka to South Africa.

5 Networking Companies Trying To Break Down East-West Barrier

Some of the most recognizable networking companies in the world are trying to break down the barrier to business in China, with the aim of capitalizing on the lucrative opportunity as the most populated country in the world starts looking to upgrade its IT.

Interview With Vikas Garg, SVP Of Aryaka Networks

Aryaka has achieved phenomenal growth over the past few years by converging multi-billion dollar enterprise networking markets, including MPLS, WAN Optimization, content and application delivery, and cloud acceleration.

Global Demand for Bandwidth Continues to Grow

A study reveals that bandwidth demand is on the rise globally, and that the software and manufacturing industries are the main drivers behind the increase.

JAS Worldwide Delivers With WAN as a Service

This global freight company deployed a SaaS-based WAN and achieved speed increases as great as 300 percent and compression rates up to 95 times higher.

Why the Internet Is Failing Cloud Businesses

The internet is a delivery device and a bottleneck and it’s holding back the growth of cloud says Ajit Gupta. So what’s the solution?

Aryaka: A Disruptor in the Enterprise WAN Space

When Aryaka was founded in 2009, cloud computing was just beginning to pick up momentum within the enterprise. Yet, Aryaka saw a major opportunity to disrupt the business class networking space.

Cloud computing's second movement

Cloud computing has come of age, and we’re entering a new period of activity; one that isn’t necessarily public. Drew Turney deconstructs the movement’s new groove.

Aryaka Raises $16M More for the Software-Defined WAN

Aryaka, one of a gaggle of startups pursuing software-defined WAN (SD WAN) or “cloud WAN” services, announced Monday that it has closed $16 million in funding, bringing its total funding to $97 million.