A Christmas Blog from Mr. Brog

A Christmas Blog from Mr. Brog

In the year 2020 when Christmas came near,
Contra dictionary to previous years there was a different atmosphere.
All over the world, people where sad,
There was no bright shining star ahead.

All people where sad?
Well not all people, a few of them actually looked very glad!
Despite the Corona crisis they went full steam ahead.
No time for being sad, we have a WAN project to complete,
Is what they at the beginning of the year said.
So, spirits were up, and nothing was holding them back.
The networking team will solve the ongoing slack!

The Corona crisis is slowing humanity down,
We are all fighting together against this buggy crown.

Due to the Corona crisis we are more dependent on our WAN,
As everybody is working where they can.
So, we must come up with an improvement plan!

The CIO pulled his teams together and shouted!
There must be something better!
Now go out and make me proud!

They started with a market reconnaissance,
To find the differences and nuances.
The team pulled together a lot of information,
While fighting daily WAN outages, which didn’t improve the situation.

The team compared many different solutions,
And joined as many zoom sessions before coming to a conclusion.

They collected the results,
And unanimous the scoring lists where being filled.
After a lot of debate, the decision came in and not a minute to late!

The CIO reviewed the results and the score cards which got filled.
His smile was coming back on his face, as he realized we are going to win this race.
The solution chosen was oh so smart, it repaired his broken IT heart!

With this we are not just fixing the WAN, with this we go everywhere we can!
Moving to the cloud will no longer be a pain, all I can see is a huge performance GAIN!
Different regions of the world will no longer hold us back,
No with this solution it’s history for the slack!

The CIO congratulated his team with their hard work,
And said with this performance the users will go berserk!
After all this rhyme, you probably wonder,
What solution did they find, that blows their mind?
Let me relieve you of your curiosity and let you join them in their prosperity.
Aryaka Networks is the name of the solution that brought the CIO and his team into the hall of fame!

So, if 2021 has a project called WAN,
You now know who you have to call than!

Aryaka Networks wishes you and all your loved ones a blessed and especially a HEALTHY 2021.
The time for face-to-face meetings, hugs and being close together again will for surely come!

About the author

Patrick Brog
Patrick is a customer driven System Engineer with a strong focus on customer success. He has more then 30 years experience in the networking and cyber security industry. Next to his job he loves to travel, scuba diving, listening to music, watch a good series/movie and spend time with his family.