Black History is American History

american black history

Too often, the stories and histories of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are not given the prominence they so richly deserve. The struggle, the brilliance, and the cultural wealth of these communities have greatly enhanced the American experience. Many of us learned a United States history devoid of a true illustration of Black excellence, resistance and joy. With the focus on Black history this month, we have an opportunity to expand our understanding of the invaluable role Black Americans have played in the creation and sustainment of our nation.

As we commit ourselves to having an inclusive culture where everyone is valued, let us embrace Black History Month in this spirit. As Carter G.Woodson the founder of Black History Month believed, appreciating a people’s history is a prerequisite to equality. It is our responsibility as leaders and as citizens to honor the stories and celebrate the great accomplishments of Black people to America’s history. We do this because celebrating Black History is a celebration and recognition of the struggle for Black equality in America. This is a celebration and a struggle that we can all amplify this month and all year long.

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