CloudWorks Magazine Features Major EMEA Partnership Between Aryaka and Videns IT Services


The December issue of the European tech magazine, CloudWorks, had their cover story on the recent partnership between Aryaka and the Dutch technology solution provider, Videns IT Services.

Below are some of the highlights I’d like to share in my conversation with Ferran van den Berg, Business Development director at Videns. A special thanks to Klass Doornbos, featured writer at CloudWorks for conducting the interview.

The Challenge with Legacy WANs
Van den Berg explained during the discussion with CloudWorks that maintaining the enterprise WAN can be an everyday challenge for many global companies. Many businesses have to manage multiple vendor contracts in order to achieve global network connectivity.

“It is very complex, costs quite a lot of money, and if you want to expand or need to change something, you’ll be expecting long delivery times.”

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) implement a WAN based on MPLS, which many global enterprises find out can take half a year to complete in Europe. The weeks or months it takes to build out the infrastructure no longer fits into an enterprise’s time frame of deployment.

“It is certainly not unusual to wait months before anything is settled because the traditional WAN is so static and inflexible,” van den Berg said.

Legacy WANs also have trouble with access to cloud and SaaS applications, and their limitations often mean additional hardware for optimization must be installed at each branch office.

And despite the heavy investment and infrastructure, many users often complain about poor application performance and data delivery.

Getting rid of the WAN headache
In my 40 years of being involved in the IT industry, I’ve never seen more activity revolutionizing the space than with the cloud. It has made it possible for our mission-critical files and corporate applications to be available on-demand, anywhere in the world. However, the delivery of this information over the corporate WAN can often be slow when trying to connect across oceans.

This connectivity is what Aryaka has solved for over 500 global enterprises today, and is one of the reasons why we have more than 100% year-over-year growth for the last five quarters.

Aryaka is able to solve enterprise WAN bottlenecks through our global SD-WAN solution. We built our own global private network, integrated with WAN optimization, and delivered on-demand. Businesses easily connect their global sites through their local ISP lines and then take advantage of our high-performance global network to access their cloud or SaaS applications, and their on-premises systems.

As one industry analyst put it, we are the only SD-WAN with a WAN, think about that. Our approach is to help our clients and partners focus on a consume fully managed model vs. a construct and manage on their own. C-level executives who have adopted the cloud are all about the consume model in the next generation of IT.

The advantage especially lies in faster application performance anywhere in the world, significant lower costs due to a subscription-based model, and much faster deployment than with a traditional network—from months to just days or even hours. In fact, Aryaka’s global SD-WAN offers all the advantages you would expect from a cloud solution: faster, cheaper, scalable, and an OpEx model instead of a CapEx model.

Keeping Ahead of CSPs
Our partnership with Videns IT services has enabled many Europe-based companies to leverage our global SD-WAN solution as the answer to these headaches. Since we started building our global SD-WAN in 2009, it has proven to be the network for enterprises moving to the cloud for all their applications and data storage.

“As a partner of Aryaka, we help these companies determine the requirements, architecture, and design,” said van den Berg, “We give advice on how to make the most of SD-WAN technology. Once they are up and running, we also provide the end-to-network management. We distinguish ourselves in that sense from a traditional CSP who has an interest in selling traditional infrastructure services, such as MPLS.”

A Telco’s Best Friend?
It would seem that Aryaka is not in the business of making friends with traditional telco giants, who continue to provide MPLS as their source of connectivity for customers. Many of these providers might view us as a threat. However, there are a lot of telcos in the industry who are eager to partner with us. There are many providers, such as KDDI and Telehouse Europe, who are now working with us and providing Aryaka’s global SD-WAN as part of their services portfolio.

It’s like our CEO, Shawn Farshchi said in a recent interview, “Telcos are our best friends actually … they should realize that and partner with us.”

Global SD-WAN: The Next Logical Step for EMEA and the World
cloudworks-tomFor years businesses have been moving their data and computing to the cloud, and it’s only a logical next step for an enterprise network to be delivered in the same way. This is provisionally the final component in IT moving solely into the cloud.

Videns IT Services has been active in the field of next-generation networking since 2012, and they have been key in providing premium global application delivery to enterprises based in Europe. With Aryaka’s global SD-WAN, they have enabled many organizations to transform their connectivity to accelerate access to their applications with a WAN that is modern, efficient, and scalable.

It’s been a pleasure working with van den Berg and the entire Videns team this year, and we’re looking forward to transforming global connectivity and application delivery even more in 2017.

If you’re interested in providing Aryaka’s global SD-WAN to your customers today, visit our Partner page to learn more.

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Jim Hilbert
Jim is Chief Revenue Officer at Aryaka. He has more than 30 years experience in the high-tech industry building successful companies, and is passionately focused on customer success.