Dreamforce Day 1: Just Say NO to Slow


“It can take forever to work with Salesforce overseas,” explained Jim, a frustrated sales engineer who has to travel every other month to APAC, and meet with clients and prospects. “Every time I have to use SFDC in Australia, I can wait up to a minute for the page to refresh.”

“There’s not much we can do. Salesforce runs slow internationally,” lamented Chris, a CIO for a global enterprise, “It’s just something our team has to live with due to the distance factor.”

With Dreamforce being the biggest forum for discussing Salesforce-related best practices and issues, it still surprises me that NO ONE ELSE is talking about improving the application performance other than Aryaka.

The Only One Solving the Application Issue?
Aryaka is the only company I could find on the Expo floor that addresses application performance issues for Salesforce and other SaaS applications. And a large number of visitors today kept the conversations lively discussing their performance challenges and how to address them.

Who is on the Front Lines of Application Performance?
For example, I spoke with a couple of Salesforce implementation engineers and posed the question:

“Say I’m a global enterprise headquartered in the U.S., and I have to open branch offices in Shanghai, Australia, and India. If my SFDC is hosted in Chicago, how do I address the application performance issues for my new offices overseas?”

Simply put…they don’t.

The Problem is not with Salesforce
Network providers end up pointing the finger at Salesforce, but really, there is no problem with the application.

We are here at Dreamforce to educate clients that slow application performance is a network challenge, not a problem with Salesforce.

The Problem is Real and We’re Here to Solve it!
Aryaka accelerates Salesforce for global enterprises in a matter of hours, and stops the blame game between the SaaS provider and the local ISP. We enhance the performance of Salesforce by decreasing the distance between the end-user and the application, while also improving the connectivity with embedded WAN Optimization into the network.

We Use It at Aryaka
At Aryaka, Salesforce sits at the heart of everything we do. It hooks and integrates into ERP, Marketing, Payroll, Gamification, Client Success, Partner Portal, Support Ticket Handling, O365, and Quoting. We have to make sure Salesforce performs well, or it impacts our entire organization.

That is why we developed the only network designed for accelerated application performance, and I’m excited to share more about it with you on October 6th.

Other Large Enterprises Use It as Well
Over 500 global enterprises, such as Skullcandy, Gucci, and Air China are using Aryaka SmartConnect to significantly improve their application performance around the globe. A large number of those enterprises rely on Salesforce and Aryaka for faster productivity and business execution.

For example, a large bio lab company, based in the northeast of the U.S., deployed Aryaka’s SmartConnect to achieve up to 55% faster Salesforce response time for their branch offices in China, and also 42x improvement in downloading FLV files.

We invite you to join hundreds of global enterprises, and millions of sales and IT professionals who choose Aryaka to enjoy much faster performance for their Salesforce and saying NO to slow.

Come visit us at Booth 263 at Dreamforce to learn how you can deploy Aryaka SmartConnect within hours and start enjoying Salesforce to its full potential.

Dave’s session, “How to Accelerate Salesforce Performance in a Matter of Hours”, will be hosted at Dreamforce in Partner Theater 1, on October 6, 2016 at 3:00pm.

Can’t make it? The session will be broadcast live on Facebook.

About the author

David Nuti
David Nuti is the Vice President of Business Development (Americas) at Aryaka. He has over 20 years of experience driving market adoption of next-generation software and technology solutions. Prior to joining Aryaka, Dave has held senior sales and leadership roles with some of the leading cloud and SaaS, SDN, and ERP providers in the industry.