Enterprise Networking: The Latest Piece of IT Infrastructure to Cloudify

Remember in 2006 when an up-and-coming e-retailer created the world’s first cloud technology to scale their own company’s needs?

legacy data center
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It was the beginning of the end for 30-year-old legacy datacenters that companies built and maintained for their own use.

At the time, as a technology early adopter, a co-worker and I decided to see if this early thing called cloud was a valuable way to start a new business in the digital era. Most people thought we were crazy! Our employer declined to invest and prevented us from moving our software client-server business model to this new world of cloud. So, we decided to leave and branch out and take a shot at capitalism ourselves.

Years later, a successful business built “in the cloud, for the cloud” was sold to a large global Fortune 100 company. And the world that was once cloudy, became clear for us and for leading companies, both new and old, worldwide.

Digital Industry is the Cloud!
Large monolithic companies that have failed to adopt cloud technology in the last decade are finding that many startups are aggressively taking away their market share.

the rise of the cloud
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No company is too big to fail in technology with the rise of the Digital Revolution powered by the Cloud

Almost every single industry now has an example of the small guy taking over the Goliath of the past.

So how does this all relate to the title of this blog? Over the past 10 years, Compute and Storage have all scaled and been made available in the cloud. That has simplified management, reduced costs, and created fast and agile access to resources on demand. These resources can now be readily available in minutes (versus months in the past with traditional IT models) for organizations of all sizes and with any business need imaginable.

Fast forward to the last piece of infrastructure yet to be “cloudified”, the NETWORK. As a CEO of a large Silicon Valley company claimed in the late 1980s, the network is the computer, dummy! That can now be said for the cloud and for all mobile usage and applications in 2016. The Network is the Cloud!

The Next Big Thing – Moving the Network to the Cloud
failure to adopt the cloud
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So, in 2009, very quietly, a Silicon Valley company decided that the next big move was to build the world’s first software-defined network on a global scale and virtualizing the hardware in the network.

When you think about the network changes over the past 30+ years, you go from frame relay to MPLS and VPN to appliances based on making the ever-growing data and connections run even faster. But as in Compute and Storage, software is the future in defining, building, and running infrastructure economically and at scale.

So how does the world, especially the behemoth telcos, look at this shift any different from the big hardware and software companies of the past 10 years? They don’t.

What this means is, to move to software and the Cloud, they must cannibalize current revenue streams. Take Oracle or HP as an example—failure to adopt early to the digital era of cloud is why they’re now playing catch-up with much smaller players in SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS offerings.

Aryaka – a Real Cloud Alternative to Legacy Networking
Aryaka is the only company to date that has had the vision, R&D investment, patents, and go-to-market for “cloudifying” the network and is, therefore, biting at the heels of the giant telcos as a real alternative to #MPLS, #VPN, and #WAN hardware solutions.

We have built a single optimized network with a global reach for voice, video, data, and applications. And it can address enterprises’ local and global connectivity needs.

Also, as capital becomes tighter, Aryaka’s OpEx model is even more attractive and paramount for success in the digital economy.

The Intel Inside for the Telco Industry
We do not see ourselves as a competitor to the telcos, but as a yet unknown best friend they can capitalize on and help scale on the same level as that first cloud company in 2006.

The Network for the Cloud, built by Aryaka and now supporting over 400 customers globally, is what we call “Intel Inside” for the telco industry. In addition, we have created an ecosystem of revenue-sharing with the telcos to enable our software-defined network platform to be deployed on COTS hardware at their Points of Presence (POPs).

This software-defined network platform, which solves issues with both the middle and last miles with Optimization, SaaS Acceleration and Cloud Connectivity, is the next generation of enterprise networking.

Our job and yours is to make them aware that there is now a cloud alternative for the Network that was built over the past 30 years, and that this software platform can lay on top of and leverage that investment all over again.

So, will your company be an early adopter to the Network built for the Cloud or will you wait and let your competitors beat you to first mover advantage in your industry???

The choice is yours. It’s available, and we’re ready to prove the value of our Network for the Cloud in a free trial that we can have up and running in a day. Let us know what you decide and how we can help.

Star Wars or Star Trek???

About the author

Jim Hilbert
Jim is Chief Revenue Officer at Aryaka. He has more than 30 years experience in the high-tech industry building successful companies, and is passionately focused on customer success.
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