Is Your Enterprise WAN All–In?

When you’re in Vegas, you know that the house has an advantage on whatever game you decide to gamble your hard-earned money on. They don’t build those fancy casinos on the backs of winners, after all!

The same is true with traditional enterprise networking. Traditional MPLS and appliance-based WAN Optimization vendors offer very little flexibility to enterprises, yet they expect you to pay a premium just for the privilege of playing. (Quite a racket they have going!)

In today’s cutthroat, fast-paced economic environment, businesses need to be agile to stay ahead of competition, and MPLS providers prove to be a major bottleneck for the WAN. If your business is expanding internationally, adding branch offices, or even moving an office right across the street in a country like China, you’re left to twiddle your thumbs through the 3-6 months that it takes for MPLS vendors to deploy their links. And in order to avoid throwing all your chips into paying for expensive MPLS bandwidth, you’re forced to deploy CapEx-heavy WAN Optimization appliances over your WAN, which come with additional maintenance and management costs.

Once you’ve invested in these legacy approaches, most enterprises are then stuck with vendor lock, a condition not unlike the house advantage since it makes it nearly impossible for you to win. As technology companies find ways to force customer stickiness – ways which often don’t benefit the customer – enterprises lose. To make matters worse, these same vendors also try to nickel and dime enterprises in every possible way, often for features that should be table stakes, such as visibility and customer support. It’s a practice not unlike those odious “resort fees” Vegas hotels tack onto your bill.

At Aryaka, we treat our customers as partners, not suckers.

Back in 2009, we heard CIOs and network managers of global enterprises who needed a WAN solution that was both simple and high on performance, and we set out to give them exactly what they asked for. We built the world’s first software-defined, ultra-optimized, cloud-delivered private WAN that provides businesses with enterprise-grade connectivity and Internet-like simplicity. With Aryaka, businesses no longer need to wait for prolonged periods to get their WAN deployed. We deploy our cloud-based solution in under a day!

Aryaka’s WAN as-a-Service is also a truly holistic “All – In” WAN solution that includes world-class customer support, integrated visibility, and a unique As-a-Service delivery model, on top of business-class private connectivity with built-in WAN optimization. All of this is included in a single monthly subscription, at an ROI that is much higher than MPLS and Riverbed combined.

At Aryaka, we know we have the best hand at the table, the networking equivalent of a royal flush. We’ve pushed our chips to the center of the table. We’re all in! All applications, all locations, all cloud services. One WAN.

Remember, we’re not asking you to gamble with Aryaka; we’re encouraging you to bet on a risk-free next-generation WAN partnership that’s sure to let you rake in the chips.

And you don’t have to take our word for it; sign up for a free trial and experience WANnovation for yourself.

About the author

Shehzad is a Product Marketing Manager at Aryaka Networks.