Why Pay Telcos More for Lower Levels of Support?

Aryaka’s Excellent Customer Support

What is the true value of excellent customer support?

A select group of highly successful companies across the globe certainly know the answer. Industry leaders such as Apple, FedEx, and Zappos.com have fueled their growth due in large part to focusing on support excellence. They understand the critical link between customer satisfaction and business results.

Analysts and consultants also understand and track the important correlation between support and success. Harvard Business Review says customers with the best experiences spend 140% more than those with the worst. McKinsey writes about the impact of excellent customer support on loyalty, costs, and employee engagement. Forrester agrees as well, saying that a one-point CX Index score gain can increase revenue by millions of dollars.

And yet, most telco industry incumbents suffer from dreadful customer support.

Telco’s Support Struggle: Multiple Confusing Levels of Service

Why do telcos trail the market in customer service? Contrary to newer cloud and SaaS providers, most telcos offer multiple levels of support, with the lower ones providing little value and the top ones being extremely expensive.

Why do these vendors nickel and dime enterprises with inadequate lower tiers and top ones that cost an arm and a leg? Why should enterprises pay more to receive what they should be getting in the first place? This is one of the many reasons why the average Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the telecommunications industry is 12.1 out of 100.

Furthermore, many of these providers’ solutions include edge hardware, which requires a separate component of support and introduces replacement issues when the hardware reaches end-of-life. It’s no wonder their customers are dissatisfied.

A Single “Premium” Level of Service

In today’s SaaS and managed service world, the whole concept of support has evolved. There are no servers to build or software to install. Thus, service and support is the essence of what a customer buys.

When a company subscribes to a critical service, they do so to fulfill an important requirement, such as security, performance, or efficiency. The need in most cases is continuous. When warehouse management software is slow, they can’t ship. If sales automation goes down, account execs can’t sell.

Global businesses face big challenges. When they find a solution that meets an important need, they expect it to work — to “set it and forget it.” That’s why they partner with companies that stand by their service and offer top-level support to all of their customers.

Aryaka: One, Industry-Leading Level of Support

Every customer invested in Aryaka’s fully managed service has access to a world-class support staff, 24x7x365. In the words of the Manager of IT Infrastructure at Henny Penny:

“Aryaka’s…support team is the best in the industryNobody else even comes close.”

Our customers specifically cite their ability to deploy Aryaka’s connectivity in days or hours to any global location, the simple onboarding of our service, achieve performance superior to MPLS, and our management platform’s ease of use.

“Instead of just myself (or my team) making sure that the VPNs or point-to-point circuits are up, I work with Aryaka to verify the routes past my LAN are correct and working…My time is now spent refining and optimizing my network to work best with the Aryaka network.”

Gary Blevins, Senior Network Engineer for Platform Specialty Products.

Our staff is trained to the highest standard to support all of our customers’ needs. In contrast, many telcos outsource their support or withhold their best customer support staff from those who either don’t want to or can’t allocate additional resources.

What Level of Customer Support Do You Want?

The NPS is a highly-trusted measure of customer support that measures a respondent’s likelihood to refer a solution. In fact, it’s known to be a strong predictor of business growth. Aryaka embraces the NPS within our passion for customer satisfaction, which has recently earned us a score of 65; which is significantly higher than the industry average for telcos.

Every customer deserves top-tier support, for every service, every time. That’s what we deliver. And our customers love us for it!

“Aryaka has…a support organization that all other providers should be held to in comparison,” says a Senior Network Engineer at Tableau Software.

What level of support do you want for your global enterprise? Contact Aryaka and see what we can do for you today.

About the author

Vidyaranya Maddi
Seasoned IT leader with more than 25 years of experience who has seen, innovated and influenced the compute/networking industry from the Mainframes to today’s cloud/SaaS world. He has played leadership roles in both start-ups and large enterprises with a unique skill of creating a customer first culture, drive innovation at the speed of change without losing sight of corporate vision. He has been working with Aryaka for more than 8 years as VP of Customer Support and Service Delivery.