Regional ISPs: If you don’t have a global strategy, you’re going to lose your business customers

Consider this scenario: You’re the leading ISP within your region. You provide your corporate customers with the fastest access to the Internet that money can buy. You have great relationships with all your customers, and they love your support team.

You’ve been doing everything right, so what could convince your top-tier customers to leave you?

Nothing, right?

Unfortunately, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Consider this: What happens when they open up branch offices in different parts of the world? What happens when they build datacenters and move their applications and data off-premise? What happens when they deploy applications like VoIP, video, Citrix, RDP, File sharing, FTP, Oracle, ERP and CRM across locations and the network becomes the bottleneck?

What happens, in other words, when they go global?

If you’re like most regional ISPs, you really don’t have a good plan in place to address this eventuality.

To continue serving these customers, who’ve grown so big with your help, you have three obvious options: First, you can expand your business globally at a significant investment, or you can diversify and become a datacenter provider (now offering hosting and other such services), or, third, you can sit by and watch your largest customers leave you to go to the brands that have a global footprint, usually through MPLS services.

Here’s the thing, though, there’s a fourth option that few will tell you about because the large carriers spread so much misinformation so they can lock customers into expensive, long-term contracts.

We’ll get to that fourth option in a minute, but just know this: you’re already in a great position to compete with global MPLS service providers because. . . MPLS is terrible. It’s expensive, difficult and takes forever to deploy, and is not well-suited for the cloud era.

But your customers don’t know that. The large service providers ensure that.

At this point in the growth lifecycle of your customer, now a global brand, they believe they have no choice but to adopt MPLS, and before you know it, they have signed a global contract with one provider for all their needs. They’ve relocated their headquarters, added datacenters in developed regions for stability, and downsized their regional operations with you.

If you’re not a reseller of a global MPLS provider at minimal margins and a tremendous support burden, you’re out of options . . . or that’s what the MPLS providers want you to believe.

The truth is that you have much better options and can already beat the big MPLS providers.

Your fourth option, which gives you better service at a lower cost, is Aryaka.

If you are part of the Aryaka Fusion Partner program, you can keep serving your global customers, offering better performance at a much lower cost.

As an Aryaka Fusion Partner, regional service providers can compete with and even leapfrog the largest MPLS and datacenter providers by providing their customers with a global secure and optimized network anywhere in the world. That’s Aryaka.

Aryaka currently serves over 3000 customer sites in more than 280 cities across 50 countries. The Aryaka network spans the globe, connecting enterprises across their datacenters, branch offices, cloud services, web applications, partners, customers and mobile workers.

The Aryaka Fusion Program provides you, the service provider, with the ability to leverage your own assets – the rack space in your datacenter and the bandwidth you deliver as an ISP. Seamlessly combining your regional footprint with the larger global Aryaka network makes you a global player in an instant, with no upfront investment. The Aryaka network gives you a subscription-based revenue model that you can use to serve even your biggest customers, all of it future-proofed, since Aryaka is responsible for keeping up with the latest trends and is responsible for upgrading the service to meet those new demands.

Aryaka is a technology company and our investment in research and development continues to be significant. Continuous rollouts of solutions extend the Aryaka platform and match up to the changing and evolving needs of the global enterprise.

With the inclusion of a web-based portal for global visibility (MyAryaka), Fusion gives you a leg up in any customer situation. You’re not playing catch up to the big guys. Instead, they will be slow to innovate and will struggle to keep up with customers, while you’ll be positioned on the leading edge of cloud-based network services.

Aryaka’s Fusion Program was built to help regional ISPs, like you, stay ahead in the race to deliver ever-better networking services, helping you to own the market in your region – even if your customers have gone global.

– Sonal


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