The Many Faces of Application Delivery with Aryaka’s SmartCDN

Application Delivery

When it comes to application delivery, it’s not always easy to find solutions that provide high performance, cost-effective access to centralized applications to a globally distributed work force, customers, mobile users, suppliers, and partners using the public Internet.

High latency and packet loss occur frequently across the unaided public Internet, and the problem gets worse the greater the distance between end users and application servers. The result can be low application adoption rates and high support costs for poorly performing applications. Applications that can work acceptably for local or regional users might not work well even under relatively benign network conditions for users on a distant continent.

SaaS developers or those supporting customer or user portals need to find ways to accelerate customer/partner access for encrypted traffic with mostly dynamic content. Some people need to address the problem of large file transfers across long distances to users or customers not on the corporate intranet.

Still others need to address the issue of mobile users and international small office/home office (SOHO) users needing accelerated, predictable access to the corporate network using remote access. And, of course, there are those that have built websites for a global audience with a mixture of static and dynamic content, who can benefit from a solution that supports caching of objects close to the end user.

For each of these use cases, Aryaka’s SmartCDN fits the bill for improved application delivery.

Public-facing web applications are of course the most obvious use for SmartCDN. It is ideally suited to web applications from businesses that have globally dispersed user, customer, and/or partner bases with a lot of dynamic content and the need for better, more consistent page load times than an inexpensive CDN solution alone can offer. It also supports SaaS applications that are encrypted, as well as where almost all of the content is dynamic, unique to each user, and needs to come from an origin server.

Partner / customer FTP access to corporate-based files is another use for SmartCDN.  By providing TCP optimization, it maximizes throughput and allows full bandwidth utilization for long distance transfers. It means that there is no need to distribute applications or install infrastructure in regions where there is no corporate presence.

For a U.S.-based company, for example, it can speed performance 3-10x for users accessing the files internationally.

Remote access gateway acceleration may not be as obvious a use case for the service, but for IT managers looking to deliver high-performance, predictable access to the corporate network by “road warriors” or home-based international users, SmartCDN offers benefits no other type of solution can provide.

Instead of finding the path of least resistance over a series of public Internet connections, you get predictable latency connectivity across the Aryaka core network – the ideal way to provide predictable, high-performance remote access across long distances. Just as for public-facing web applications, users are transparently connected through the nearest Aryaka point of presence (POP), strategically situated close to business centers around the world. Our multi-segment architecture minimizes the application performance impact of packet loss on the first and last mile. For corporate access, it will speed performance of all IP applications, including UDP-based ones, and is especially valuable for “chatty” applications like remote desktop.

For each of these uses, and others as well, Aryaka’s SmartCDN solution is the answer. With its combination of TCP optimization technology, a multi-segment architecture, and dedicated reliable private core network based on globally distributed PoPs, it offers benefits no other solution can provide.

To see the benefits for yourself, give it a try!

About the author

Gary Sevounts
Gary Sevounts is the Chief Marketing Officer at Aryaka Networks, and is responsible for Aryaka’s global marketing efforts. He has extensive experience with software and SaaS products in the IT infrastructure and security space, as well as marketing and sales technology, having held marketing and product management leadership roles with a number of industry leaders.
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