The Zero-Compromise WAN Manifesto

In our global economy, enterprises rely on the WAN to conduct business with branch offices, overseas partners, suppliers, and more. When you do business overseas, you shouldn’t have to compromise between speed and performance on one hand, and cost and agility on the other.

If you rely on the public Internet to access overseas digital assets, don’t be surprised when you have to compromise on performance, as your important business content gets stuck behind videos, YouTube traffic, and games.

Or, if your company decides that your business traffic is too important to get stuck behind gamers and video binge watchers, you will probably turn to an enterprise-grade service like MPLS. When you do, be prepared to compromise on cost, long deployment schedules, and near-mandatory add-ons, such as WAN Optimization hardware.

You shouldn’t have to compromise, but if you’re like many businesses, you’ve been led to believe that compromise comes with the territory. Legacy network infrastructure vendors have been spinning the same story for years, but times have changed. Now is the time for global businesses to tune out this spin, stop compromising, and start investigating enterprise-class WAN alternatives.

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At Aryaka, we believe that knowledge workers everywhere in the world deserve reliable performance from their applications. Knowledge workers need LAN-like speeds to do their work effectively, and it shouldn’t matter if you are working from your corporate headquarters in Chicago, a branch office in India, or a factory in China.

This is why Aryaka is shaking up the enterprise WAN market. In 2009, Aryaka designed the Software-Defined WAN, but we quickly realized that this approach wasn’t enough, since SD WANs cannot guarantee latency and performance. So, we spent millions of dollars building out our global, patented, multi-tenant private network.

As a result, Aryaka’s WAN as-a-Service delivers enterprise-grade performance with Internet-like simplicity. End users enjoy LAN-like performance for all applications delivered over the WAN, without the expense of MPLS or the cost and hassle of WAN Optimization appliances. Aryaka’s private core network is based on globally distributed POPs and innovative first-mile access technology, along with centralized WAN- and application-layer visibility – all provided as a 24×7 cloud-based service.

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Disrupting major enterprise networking market sectors isn’t easy, and this is why we follow a few core principles.

At Aryaka, we believe:

  1. The pace of globalization will accelerate in coming years, and as it does, the public Internet will be unsuitable for the long-distance delivery of business-class applications.
  2. Knowledge workers should not have to compromise on reliable application performance, regardless of location.
  3. Businesses should not have to compromise on cost and agility in order to deliver reliable application performance. You should not have to break your budget to protect the productivity of overseas employees.
  4. Businesses are better served by services, rather than with complicated hardware that comes with high CapEx overhead, and which you must manage and maintain on your own.
  5. Businesses should be able to deploy much-needed WAN services in a single day or less. No service provider should make a global business compromise on business agility, forcing you to wait for weeks, months, or in some locations, even a year or more to deploy an enterprise-class WAN.
  6. After a business has deployed an enterprise-class WAN, the business should not be required to purchase additional hardware, such as WAN Optimization boxes, in order to guarantee the performance they need.
  7. Complementary technologies, such as WAN Optimization, should be decoupled from hardware and designed into the network itself.
  8. Global businesses are best served by providers that are willing to take calculated risks and pioneer new networking technologies, such as SDN and NFV, rather than playing it safe and sticking to legacy technologies.
  9. Enterprise-grade WAN providers should build out technology platforms that encourage continuous innovation in order to meet evolving customer demands.
  10. Customer service should not be an additional pain point, but rather something that meets or exceeds your expectations and helps ensure you get the service quality you need.


– Jeff Vance




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