Things To Know Before Attending Gartner IT IOCS, 2021

Gartner IT IOCS, 2021

Prelude to Gartner’s IOCS – Your Cheat Sheet on Anywhere Infrastructures Track

In just two short weeks, the Gartner IOCS kicks off, and with it, our breakthrough announcement! One conference track, ‘Anywhere Infrastructures,’ is especially relevant for enterprises and closely aligns to Aryaka’s strategy across several fronts. A year ago, we introduced our Private Access VPNaaS to support the hybrid workplace, and as we all know, SASE is the evolved networking and security architecture expressly designed to enable a more flexible and secure enterprise WAN. If you’d like a discount code for the event, visit our breakthrough hub and join us at 10am PST on Dec 7 for a global broadcast announcing our innovations and new service offerings.

Some of the IOCS sessions that caught our eye include –

Leading the pack is Tony Harvey, who on Dec 6 will dive into ‘Infrastructure for Anywhere Operations.’ And, as there is no such thing as the hybrid workplace without effective multi-cloud connectivity, Andrew Lerner on Dec 6 presents ‘Cloud Networking Strategies.’ Looking back at our Private Access solution, Zero Trust is a key element, and on Dec 7 Neil MacDonald presents ‘A Pragmatic Approach to Implementing a Zero Trust Security Architecture.’ Sometimes lost in the mix is how end users consume the different cloud-delivered services. On Dec 8 Stuart Downes dives into Desktop as a Service, presenting ‘Is Now the Time for DaaS?’

Join our session – ‘Aryaka: C-Suite Perspectives – A Breakthrough Moment for SD-WAN and SASE Architectures’ on Dec 8th at 2:15pm EST.

The pandemic has accelerated the need to shift from the legacy network and security models to modern, cloud-first deployments based on SD-WAN and SASE architectures. But the rules of the game have changed! Traditional telcos have lost innovation, and traditional technology vendors are more fragmented than ever. With real-world insights from global technology thought leaders, this session covers ground on an innovative architectural and business model, that allows you to play the game on your terms with simplicity, reduced risk, and amazing flexibility.

And some good reading in advance of the conference –

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