Shipping Services Enterprise Selects Aryaka over Telco incumbent, saves 55% migrating from their MPLS network onto a more flexible and secure Aryaka SD-WAN

The Customer

This global shipping broker is headquartered in the UK. It offers investment opportunities in the shipping industry with offices and operations spanning the globe.

The Partner

Pentima, led by industry veteran Jeff Heard, offers advisory services to clients on their digital transformation journeys, with access to over 180 global, market-leading telecommunication suppliers. As IT services shift towards an As-A-Service model, Pentima supplies best-of-breed solutions suited to the organization’s requirements, while deploying suitable infrastructure to optimise its application, acting as an extension of customers’ own procurement teams.

The Challenge

With more than 27 sites globally at the time, the customer’s legacy Telco MPLS network was not keeping up with their connectivity and security needs. This customer was looking for an SD-WAN solution to ensure optimum performance and security across all of their satellite offices and key shipping ports.

With multiple tenders on the table, the client was bowled by the professionalism and level of technical expertise Aryaka brought into the sales conversation. The sales specialists answered all questions raised credibly, diving deeper into the concerns than the other vendors that were invited, proving the passion and customer focus that Aryaka prides itself on.

Aryaka’s team also respectfully pushed back against unrealistic timeframes, which some may assume was considered a negative, but both the client and Pentima were pleasantly pleased by the honesty shown. This also assured that the delivery wouldn’t be over-promised and under-delivered, which would have had a knock-on effect on Pentima’s ongoing relationship with the client.

“Our MPLS network was too slow and costly to deploy across new global locations. Aryaka’s SD-WAN and SASE solutions are helping us achieve our digital transformation goals.”

Customer Quote

The Solution

The customer purchased Core SD-WAN, Security via CheckPoint Harmony Connect and Quantum Edge (branch firewalls), last mile services, and private access.

Ultimately Telstra and Expo-e were unable to compete with Aryaka’s level of performance, flexibility, end-to-end SLAs and quality customer references demonstrating success.

Aryaka’s solution offered:

  • Significantly lower cost (55%) for better quality service
  • More flexible, reliable, secure service for global satellite branches and shipping ports
  • Superior customer service and customer experience

The customer also found Aryaka’s vision for Unified SASE compelling.

Business Results

  • When we finalized price, Aryaka’s price was a 55% savings from their existing MPLS
  • By offloading cumbersome MPLS + Big Telco troubleshooting and management to Aryaka, the customer was able to dramatically increase IT bandwidth and their support of users worldwide.
  • Opportunities for further growth in security after successful SD-WAN deployment

Aryaka is an integral partner of ours. The support they give us, the technology they supply, and just as important the experience they provide for our clients, make them a stand-out vendor that we recommend for most-if-not-all our clients looking for more control, insight and performance over their global networks.

Jeff Heard, CEO, Pentima