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Customer Challenges

Globalization is a core driver for digital transformation in the enterprise, and
China plays a strategic role as a hub for partners and suppliers as well as a source of skilled labor.

Local Regulations

But enterprise network connectivity in China presents local challenges, ranging from availability and quality of internet connectivity to providing proof of compliance with local regulations.

High Latency

The internet infrastructure in China is characterized by several potential choke points that includes data and application filtering. This routinely leads to high latency and packet loss.

No end-to-end SLAs

Also, In the absence of a local presence, the WAN provider is unable to offer anything approaching end-to-end application SLAs.

CDN Shortcomings

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are proposed as a solution, but they too have their issues due to a reliance on the public internet and their peering relationships.


Aryaka’s fully managed multi-cloud connectivity solution provides optimal coverage of Asia in general and China in particular.

Aryaka’s global PoP topology provides optimal coverage for the region, and the underlying global L2 core ensures utterly deterministic enterprise network performance for all users, their devices, and applications – be it cloud-based or on-premises.

Aryaka’s long experience in providing global enterprise connectivity to companies with strategic hubs in China has become a key consideration for its customers.

Aryaka PoPs China Connectivity


china presence

China Presence

Optimize your China footprint and maximize performance by leveraging Aryaka services PoPs in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

low latency

Low Latency

Under 30ms of first-mile latency to 95% of customers, partners, suppliers, and employees in the China region.

superior QoS

Superior QoS

Aryaka’s private global Layer 2 network delivers deterministic latency, jitter, and packet loss for traffic entering and leaving China.

optimized connectivity

Optimized Connectivity

Last-mile services include contracting and monitoring, allowing enterprises to leverage Aryaka’s experience in delivering optimal last-mile connectivity in the China region.



Effectively address the challenges of establishing optimal China presence, balancing compliance and local regulations without degrading performance.

application optimization

Application Optimization

Built-in first, middle, and last-mile optimization of SaaS applications improves productivity across UCaaS, CRM, productivity, and others and eliminates degradation from local internet performance issues.

operational simplicity

Operational Simplicity

Shields multi-nationals from the complexity of conducting business in China as well as assisting Chinese companies seeking to establish international connectivity.

white glove services experience

“White-Glove” Services Experience

An unequalled customer support experience based on a virtuous cycle of people, processes, and technology is combined with end-to-end performance SLAs.


  • " Aryaka has achieved a level of deployment that is unmatched in the industry. Where before it would take months or years to plan a network deployment, Aryaka came into Pilot Freight Services and was able to achieve deployment into our most critical areas within a matter of weeks as opposed to months or years… Deployment has been a phenomenal experience that has also allowed us to change and accelerate our schedules and delivery."

    - Mark Baker, CTO at Pilot Freight Services
China Connectivity Challenges

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