Global enterprises are increasingly mobile today with a larger remote workforce than ever before. Partners, suppliers, and customers are increasingly becoming a part of an integrated supply chain that must access centrally hosted applications from anywhere in the world.

SmartCDN for IP Applications Provides:

Up to 10x Faster Global Delivery of IP-Based Applications

Speed up your centrally hosted IP-based applications worldwide. Improve performance significantly for all types of application traffic.

Deployment in Hours

Start your service in a matter of hours by implementing a simple CNAME change.

99.99% Uptime and QoS for All Your IP Applications

Ensure application availability around the world with Aryaka’s global private network which is independent of the unreliable public Internet.

End-to-End Network and Application Visibility

Gain an end-to-end, transparent view into the performance of your network and applications using the MyAryaka™ customer portal.

Enterprise IP applications such as VPNs, virtual desktops, remote desktop protocol (RDP), and more require a reliable, stable connection to effectively deliver enterprise-class performance no matter how distant remote users are from where the applications are hosted.

Aryaka Smart CDN delivers superior performance for dynamic IP applications for users worldwide utilizing a multi-tenant, secure platform, combined with TCP optimization technology.

However, traditional content delivery networks (CDNs) are not capable of meeting these application performance expectations for remote workers because they rely entirely on the public internet. In addition, legacy networking approaches like MPLS with WAN optimization appliances are simply not practical for every location.A better alternative is Aryaka’s SmartCDN IP App Acceleration solution. Built on a global private Layer 2 network with 30+ globally distributed points of presence (PoPs), SmartCDN is they only content delivery network designed to bypass the congested public internet on the middle mile, providing enterprise-grade application delivery to remote employees, partners, and mobile users.

Aryaka SmartCDN as a Service IP App Acceleration for Global Enterprises

Aryaka SmartCDN Delivers:

Enhanced Non-HTTP(S) SaaS Application Performance

Enable your SaaS applications to route non-HTTP(S) traffic over a global private network, which results in stable latency, negligible packet loss, and significant imrovement of application performance worldwide.

Faster Remote VPN Connectivity to Centrally Hosted Enterprise Applications

Lower connection setup times for your remote or mobile employees to collaborate effectively and in real-time. Delivers enhanced application performance using a global private network bypassing the congested public Internet.

Real-time, Lag-free Voice and Video

Leverage a low-latency, private, Layer 2 network with dedicated, reliable paths for real-time traffic to deliver a seamless user experience to customers and remote corporate employees who need to collaborate over voice and video.

Faster RDP Performance for Mobile Users

Minimize latency, deliver stability, and maximize the available bandwidth for your remote and mobile users to provide up to 10x faster application performance compared to legacy network and application delivery solutions.

Network and Application Visibility

Gain a real-time 360-degree view of all network traffic and applications across the entire WAN with the SmartInsights MyAryaka portal.

About Aryaka

Aryaka is the leader and first to deliver Unified SASE as a Service, the only SASE solution designed and built to deliver performance, agility, simplicity and security without tradeoffs. Aryaka meets customers where they are on their unique SASE journeys, enabling them to seamlessly modernize, optimize and transform their networking and security environments. Aryaka’s flexible delivery options empower enterprises to choose their preferred approach for implementation and management. Hundreds of global enterprises, including several in the Fortune 100, depend on Aryaka for cloud-based software-defined networking and security services. For more on Aryaka, please visit