SD-WAN & SASE, a reliable and secure network for AI and Machine learning

6, 2023

04:00 PM

Aryaka Networks and Deutsche Telekom have an upcoming webinar on June 6th at 4pm Singapore/Kuala Lumpur time that we believe would greatly benefit your enterprise's AI strategy.

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, AI and Machine Learning and incredible new developments like ChatGPT have become key drivers of innovation and success. Understanding how to leverage reliable and secure global network connectivity is crucial for enhancing your organization's AI initiatives.

During the webinar, our panel of experts will delve into several important topics, including:

  • The impact of AI on business operations.
  • How AI and tools like ChatGPT are transforming various industries.
  • The benefits and challenges of AI implementation.
  • Best practices for successfully integrating AI into your business.
  • The impact of network reliability (L2 & L3) and security on AI and machine learning, and what to avoid when upgrading your network and security.

This webinar will provide valuable insights that can help you navigate the AI landscape and make informed decisions for your enterprise.


Should you have any questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to our experts and speakers:

Lisette Sens

Sr. Sales Director
Deutsche Telekom Global Business

Alexander Polevoy

Head of Data, AI & Hyperautomation Practice, Digital Solutions

Avinash CN

Sr. Solutions Architect
Product Management, Aryaka

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