Introducing Unified SASE as a Service

A Joint Webinar with Deutsche Telekom

The network and security landscape has dramatically changed over the years. Businesses must do three things simultaneously: support work from anywhere, move critical applications to the cloud and defend against all directional cyber-attacks. These changes have resulted in tangible business challenges:

Increased attack
surface and risk

Increased operational complexity

Compromised user experience

Lack of Agility

Global enterprises currently have few choices but to use complex, stitched-together solutions that often compromise between performance and security. They also must cope with shortages of skilled security experts and network provisioning expertise, and coupled with IT budget cuts, it is difficult to solve these problems alone.

Join this webinar on

May 16, 2024


Presented with Aryaka and Deutsche Telekom Global Business, revealing how Aryaka’s Unified SASE as a Service will address these challenges.


Craig Patterson

Aryaka Channel Chief

Natraj Iyer

Aryaka VP of Product Management

Lisette Sens

DT Sr. Sales Director

Reagen Li

Aryaka Sr. Channel Marketing APAC

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