Are your employees complaining about MS365 & Salesforce performance?

Guarantee SaaS performance anywhere and at any time with Aryaka!

Customer Challenges

Your employees expect peak performance from their productivity applications, no matter where they are or what device they are using.
Unfortunately, the network many times is not up to the task.

Unreliable Performance

The underlying network offers unpredictable performance and doesn’t deliver the required reliability where the SaaS application’s serving location may be across the content or even the globe.

Poor User Experience

Network hops, congestion, latency, jitter, and packet loss all impact the user experience, while complex applications that leverage JavaScript, CSS, and other technologies add to the problem.


The Aryaka solution delivers predictable application performance for productivity applications like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce by bypassing the public internet or even technologies like MPLS that are not optimized for SaaS. It delivers acceleration, up to 40x in the case of Microsoft, with real-time applications like Microsoft Teams also benefitting due to regional SaaS on-ramps – Virtual Cloud Gateways. This distributed SaaS connectivity and automation of multi-cloud connectivity benefits all productivity applications.

Distributed SaaS Connectivity




A tightly controlled SLA-driven middle-mile and regional handoffs to the SaaS applications results in a LAN-like experience superior and more productive user experience.

microsoft optimization

Microsoft Optimization

Application proxies, TCP optimization, compression, and data de-duplication deliver up to a 40x improvement in speed, up to 500% faster uploads to OneDrive, up to 89% data reduction, and under 30ms of last-mile latency across the globe.

azure flexibility

Azure Flexibility

Aryaka’s ExpressRoute partnership offers both private connections as well as use of an IPsec VPN.

salesforce optimization

Salesforce Optimization

Application proxies, TCP optimization, compression, and data de-duplication deliver up to 55% better performance and up to a 95% reduction in data and bandwidth.

multi cloud connectivity

Multi-Cloud Connectivity

Connect directly to and between multiple cloud platforms leveraging a Software Defined Cloud Interconnect, including optimized global peering into Microsoft 365 Cloud.

rapid deployment

Rapid Deployment

Configure, deploy, and activate new sites in days instead of weeks or months, positively impacting enterprise productivity.



MyAryaka delivers end-to-end deep application and network visibility with DPI and real-time insights.


“White-Glove” Services Experience

An unequalled customer support experience based on a virtuous cycle of people, processes, and technology is combined with end-to-end performance SLAs.


  • " With Aryaka, employees in our offshore locations now access the same applications with faster response times, thereby enhancing user experience and increasing our overall operational efficiencies."

    - Dr. Deepak Madala, Director of Infrastructure and Regional Operations Acclaris
Accelerate Microsoft 365 and Teams Performance

Accelerate Microsoft 365 and Teams Performance

Accelerate Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) and Teams real-time collaboration performance up to 40X with Aryaka.

SDWAN Accelerate Salesforce Solution brief

Accelerate Salesforce Performance

Accelerate Salesforce performance up to 55%.

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Revolutionlizing manufacturing with Aryaka Global SD-WAN.

Nvidia Networking Business Unit

NVIDIA Accelerates Global Application Performance by Up to 80%.