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With vaccinations kicking in, we expect more workplaces to open up, while offering employees flexibility to ease the transition. A few members of the Aryaka team went on a “vaccinated hike” to celebrate a return to normalcy and discuss how the concept of hybrid workplaces enabled by SASE can make that happen.

Post Brexit, we deployed a new point of presence in Dublin, Ireland, and doubled down on European happenings with the announcement of my colleague Ian McEwan being promoted to the role of Chief Revenue Officer. As we look forward to the post-pandemic world, and help our customers readjust, I would like to echo Ian’s comments in an internal note he sent out: core to Aryaka since our inception has been a customer-centric culture that connects enterprises across cities, countries and oceans. This shapes our company values and is the “True North” for Aryaka.


Shashi Kiran

Shashi Kiran
Chief Marketing Officer
Aryaka Networks

Aryaka Aquires Cloud-Based Security-as-a-Service Platform Secucloud Networks GmbH

Secucloud Network is a global provider of high-availability cybersecurity solutions that offers a cloud-based security-as-a-service platform for service providers. Together, Aryaka and Secucloud will provide the industry’s most flexible managed SASE solution. Check out the latest coverage on the acquisition from sdxcentral, FIERCE Telecom, LightReading, Silicon Angle and ComputerWeekly.

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Aryaka PoPs

Dublin Services PoP Launches to Meet Growing Demand

Aryaka recently launched a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Dublin, Ireland to meet customer demand for more connectivity across and into the EU and anticipate any future divergence on data transfer regulations. See our full PoP map here.

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Premium Sound Solutions Improves Disaster Recovery and Network Performance with Aryaka

Leading automotive and consumer sound manufacturer Premium Sound Solutions needed to increase bandwidth to improve redundancy, while also decreasing costs. Learn how they were able achieve these goals and improve network performance for their multi-cloud environment.

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Premium Sound Solutions

Aryaka Podcasts: Dreamers and Doers

Aryaka Dreamers & Doers: New Episodes Featuring NVIDIA, Analyst Zeus Kerravala and UPL

In our newly launched podcast Aryaka Dreamers & Doers, we speak to industry experts and thought leaders from around the world to discuss their technology initiatives, get their perspectives on emerging trends and leadership best practices. Check out our latest episodes featuring NVIDIA, Analyst Zeus Kerravala and UPL, a leader in biosolutions for sustainable agriculture.

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Managed Services Can Save You Time, Headaches and Money
In a recent survey, more than half of surveyed Aryaka manufacturing customers say their staffing and training costs decreased by up to 50% after deploying Aryaka.

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