5th Annual Global State of the WAN Findings:
Network & Security Increasingly Intertwined; Hybrid Workplace is Here to Stay

Dear WAN Enthusiast,

We’re excited to share the latest edition of our Global State of the WAN (SOTW) Report with you. We built this publication using a global survey of over 1,350 enterprises, making it one of the most comprehensive reference reports in the industry! Responses came from IT leaders, including CIOs and heads of infrastructure, networking and security teams across enterprises from a range of verticals and geographies.

Common themes of this year’s report include the continuing fusion of networking and security based on SD-WAN and SASE architectures, continued work-from-home plans and transitioning to a hybrid workplace as a direct result of the global pandemic, as well as the evergreen concerns surrounding complexity and application performance.

We hope you find this report an insightful reference as you plan your WAN for 2021 and beyond.


Shashi Kiran

Shashi Kiran
Chief Marketing Officer
Aryaka Networks

5th Annual Global State of the WAN Report

In this report, we surveyed IT leaders from 1,350+ medium and large enterprises across a range of verticals and geographies to learn their networking priorities, challenges, planned investments, and insights for SD-WAN and SASE success.

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Aryaka’s 5th Annual Global State of the WAN

Path to SD-WAN & SASE Success

Join us for a webinar discussion highlighting key findings from this year’s Global State of the WAN Report. We cover how application performance, SASE and the hybrid workplace have become key areas of focus, the growing investment in managed services, the evolution in findings from our previous reports and the geographical differences in this year’s results.

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Aryaka Security Architecture: Best-of-Breed Security for the Cloud-First WAN

Network security is undergoing dramatic transformation. New security concepts, such as SASE and ZTA, promise to deliver on the architectural changes needed to tackle the security requirements of the digital enterprise, but no single vendor can address all requirements. This paper examines the emerging challenges in network security and how Aryaka’s open, partner-led approach enables enterprises to tailor their security architecture to their needs.

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Did You Know?
The Hybrid Workplace is Here to Stay

Over half (59%) of survey respondents to our Global State of the WAN Report say they expect 25-50% of their workforce to remain remote through the end of 2021, and a further 21% expect more than half of their workforce to remain remote.

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