Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN Saves Leading Chemical manufacturing company $2-3M annually over legacy MPLS

MILPITAS, CA–March 8, 2017 – Aryaka®, the leading global SD-WAN provider, announced today that Platform Specialty Products Corp., a global, diversified producer of high technology specialty chemical products, has successfully deployed Aryaka’s global SD-WAN solution to 190 sites worldwide in four months.

Platform Specialty Products, which is the product of a six-company merger, needed a solution that would allow for a quick and easy consolidation of disparate networks and a reliable connection to remote locales. Rather than operating for months with redundancies and poor network connections, Platform Specialty Products turned to Aryaka for a solution that would allow for a quick and easy deployment of a unified network.

“Before Aryaka, our network architecture was too complex to meet the business needs around acquiring new companies,” said Dustin Collins, Platform Specialty Products VP, Global Infrastructure Services. “Performance from our cloud data centers was not optimal. Users complained about poor performance in developed locations and even worse performance in emerging markets. We grew to the size that we needed to find a better way.”

In addition to needing to scale quickly and reduce the costs associated with redundancies, Platform Specialty Products needed its network to perform for its entire team – including remote sales teams in emerging markets. The company was focused on its commitment to a cloud-first model for data and applications. However, MPLS does not connect directly to the cloud. The Internet, which does connect to the cloud, lacks the performance, consistency, and reliability of MPLS.

Platform Specialty Products evaluated its options and decided to deploy Aryaka’s global SD-WAN to replace its current network.

“MPLS has become legacy technology. It is slowly dying. A company that wants to be aggressive in moving to the cloud is often restricted due to the network that delivers traditional workloads on-premises. MPLS networks have been designed for limited internet breakouts for years from a security standpoint and now must be changed overnight to support both the security needs for on-premises workloads, and the accessibility needs for cloud workloads,” said Collins.

In just four months, Platform Specialty Products rolled out global private connectivity to 190 full mesh sites with WAN optimization – 78% faster than deployment of an MPLS solution. File transfer speeds increased 20x worldwide.

“As businesses continue to expand globally and participate in M&A activities, addressing the enterprise WAN is a critical factor for business execution,” said Aryaka President and CEO, Shawn Farshchi, “With Aryaka’s global SD-WAN, enterprises can act quickly enough to capitalize on changing business needs in near real-time, instead of suffering from longer times to market and project implementation delays, while they wait for legacy MPLS providers to deploy their links.”

Collins estimates the company saves about $2-3M per year over the cost of an MPLS solution. The solution deployed so seamlessly, employees noticed performance was faster the next day. It has already resulted in increased productivity, better reliability and a faster realization of network synergy with acquired business units.

“The biggest thing now is that we’ve built a real partnership,” Collins added. “Aryaka values our business, the impact their solution has on us, and we in turn trust them to handle one of the most important components of our global network architecture.”

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