Up to 10x Faster Global Delivery of Centrally Hosted IP-based Applications

Speed up your centrally hosted IP-based applications globally. Improve performance significantly for all kinds of application traffic.


Deployment in Hours

Deploy the service in a matter of hours by implementing a simple CNAME change.


Up to 100% Uptime

Ensure application availability around the world with Aryaka’s global private network which is independent of the unreliable public Internet.


End-to-End Network and Application Visibility

Gain an end-to-end, transparent view into the performance of your network and applications using the MyAryaka™ customer portal.

Global POP Footprint
Global Private Network

Aryaka’s global private network is built by aggregating bandwidth from top-tier telcos and consists of 25 globally distributed Points of Presence (POPs).

Why should you care?
The public Internet is a network of networks and peering issues lead to congestion and packet loss on the middle mile, resulting in dismal application performance. As a result, content delivery networks that rely on the Internet lack the performance standards that global enterprises have come to expect.

The Aryaka Difference
Experience superior performance for dynamic, real-time, bi-directional, and personalized enterprise traffic over Aryaka’s global private network, which bypasses the congested public Internet on the middle mile.

TCP Optimization

Aryaka supercharges TCP applications for faster delivery using techniques like window scaling, selective acknowledgement, TCP termination, and more.

Why should you care?
The “chatty” TCP protocol was designed to prioritize the reliability of data, rather than the speed of data transfer. As a result, and a large part of the bandwidth is utilized by redundant transmissions, thereby adversely affecting application performance.

The Aryaka Difference
Aryaka’s proprietary TCP Optimization technology includes congestion control algorithms and traffic aggregation intelligence across the network. This enables the most optimal use of network bandwidth to deliver fast application performance even across long distances.

Protocol Agnostic Optimization

Optimization technology that works at the IP level, enabling optimization for any IP-based application traffic, such as UCaaS and SSL-VPN using UDP technologies like IPSec.

Why should you care?
Most content delivery network solutions around the world accelerate the performance of only HTTP-based traffic for remote users. Remote stakeholders today increasingly require accelerated access to IP traffic as well.

The Aryaka Difference
Experience consistent IP application performance and reduced jitter over Aryaka’s global private network - something the public Internet cannot offer. This solution is perfect for a variety of use cases including end-to-end encrypted traffic, voice, FTP, and real-time video streams.

Fully Managed Service

Single Vendor Solution: End-to-end monitoring and 24x7x365 CCIE-level customer support.

Why should you care?
Management of network operations can be fairly time consuming and a drain on enterprise IT resources. A fully managed service eliminates the need to invest time, money, and talent into the maintenance and management of global network connectivity.

The Aryaka Difference
Benefit from 24x7x365 CCIE - level support and a SaaS based visibility portal along with an enterprise grade network and application acceleration. Aryaka also offers a single vendor solution that deals with all aspects of the customer’s network.

Network and Application Visibility Portal

MyAryaka is a cloud-based orchestration and visibility portal that gives customers the ability to configure, control and manage all Aryaka Solutions, offering deep, end-to-end network and application visibility for your business.

IP MyAryaka portal IP MyAryaka portal