Accelerate On-Premises and SaaS/Web Applications Globally

Speed up your applications globally, even in remote locations to deliver consistently smooth user experience and high productivity


Enable Faster Access and Performance for Cloud Platforms

Experience fast, stable and predictable performance for data, infrastructure, applications and other IT assets hosted in IaaS/PaaS environments



Get Stable and Fast Branch Office Network Connectivity

Benefit from fast performance, consistently low latencies and negligible packet loss when connecting branch offices over Aryaka’s global network.


Deploy Branch Office Network Connectivity in less than 48 hours

Deploy branch office network connectivity in only 8 to 48 hours, compared to the weeks or months it takes with MPLS



Reduce Network Management Hassles

Function with a smaller IT team, and avoid deployment, maintenance and upgrade hassles associated with appliances


Network and Application Visibility

Gain an end-to-end, transparent view into the performance of your network and applications using the MyAryaka™ customer portal.

Aryaka gives us much better flexibility, improves service levels, lowers overall cost, and simplifies our global environment. Overall it has been a big win for us!

Mark Hopkins, Senior Director of IT at Skullcandy.

Global POP Footprint
Features and Functionality
  • Delivers consistently better performance compared to other WAN solutions including MPLS and other SD-WANs
  • Up to 40x performance improvements for both on-premises and cloud applications.

Why should you care?
Application Acceleration is critical to address performance issues and app slowness for bandwidth hungry, mission-critical applications, especially over long haul international links.

The Aryaka Difference
Application acceleration proxies act on specific kinds of applications to boost their performance by reducing “chattiness”, enabling deduplication, and more.

  • Seamlessly integrates any cloud/SaaS application into the customer’s VPN
  • Azure ExpressRoute partner with Microsoft and Direct Connect relationship with Amazon Web Services

Why should you care?
The public Internet is a shared medium of communication, and due to congestion and packet loss, lacks the performance required for accessing cloud services or SaaS applications globally.

The Aryaka Difference
Experience performance improvements up to 40x for cloud/SaaS applications over Aryaka’s global private network with in-built optimization, resulting in enhanced end-user experience and business productivity.

  • Aryaka's proprietary compression and data deduplication technologies reduce bandwidth consumed when transmitting data between locations, by eliminating redundancy within data flows.
  • Compression and data deduplication also result in higher throughput over the WAN, ultimately leading to faster application performance.

Why should you care?
When using private links over the WAN for enterprise-grade performance, bandwidth is often prohibitively expensive, especially in global locations such as China, Middle East, Europe, and most APAC countries. Further, WAN Optimization appliances used for bandwidth reduction purposes are CapEx-intensive and difficult to integrate.

The Aryaka Difference
Conserve expensive network bandwidth over the WAN, while delivering enhanced throughput and fast application performance across long distances, with Aryaka’s proprietary compression and data deduplication technologies.

  • Provides enterprises with Link Aggregation and enables them to use two ISP links simultaneously at the edge, in an active-active form.
  • Enables Load Balancing, Path Selection, Single and Dual Link Packet Loss Recovery with proprietary error correction algorithms.
  • Converges an enterprise’s WAN edge functionality at the branch and includes cloud and VPN connectivity, routing, firewall, QoS and application level control in a single customer premise equipment (CPE), which is provided and fully managed by Aryaka.

Why should you care?
Edge intelligence is critical for enterprises to be able to deploy an Internet link at the edge and benefit from its simplicity without having to compromise on application performance. Edge intelligence is also important to address and reduce the complexity of network operations at branch offices.

The Aryaka Difference
Experience dramatic performance improvements especially for voice, video and real-time traffic over Aryaka’s Smart Link technology combined with a global private network and QoS. Simplify network management drastically using Aryaka’s Smart Edge.

  • Bypasses the unreliability of the public Internet
  • Provides consistent latencies and negligible packet loss to deliver predictable application performance to global users

Why should you care?
The public Internet is a shared medium of communication, and due to congestion and packet loss, lacks the performance required for accessing cloud services or SaaS applications globally.

The Aryaka Difference
Bypass the unreliable public Internet and almost eliminate congestion and packet loss over Aryaka’s global private network. Benefit from faster and highly consistent application performance.

  • Single Vendor Solution: End-to-end monitoring and 24x7 CCIE Engineer-level support
  • Saves cost, reduces complexity, and requires fewer IT resources

Why should you care?
Network operations in a typical branch office can be fairly time consuming and resource intensive. Enterprises often rely on multiple vendors for their different branch office use cases, which is often a drain on time and resources.

The Aryaka Difference
Benefit from 24x7x365 CCIE engineer level support and a SaaS based visibility portal along with an enterprise grade network and application acceleration. Aryaka also offers a single vendor solution that deals with all aspects of the customer’s network.

  • Strike the perfect balance between deterministic application performance and cost-efficient Internet connectivity

Why should you care?
Private links to the branch that deliver on enterprise-grade performance are expensive, especially in many international locations. On the other hand, your business critical applications do need deterministic network performance –hence MPLS is still regarded as a necessity.

The Aryaka Difference
Aryaka’s HybridWAN feature allows customers to deliver optimal business-critical application performance while reducing overall connectivity cost by leveraging public internet connectivity for non-critical applications or as a backup.

MyAryaka Visibility portal

All Aryaka solutions include global access to the web-based MyAryakaTM portal. The MyAryakaTM customer portal offers deep, end-to-end network and application visibility for your business.

  • Application-aware network performance tool
  • Advanced traffic analysis and granular views
  • Network configuration, performance and health in real-time
  • Network utilization and application performance

MPLS is expensive, typically takes about 60-120 days to deploy, and does not provide the performance required for your SaaS applications globally.

Aryaka incorporates WAN optimization along with a global private network to induce bandwidth savings as well as to improve application performance drastically. The Aryaka solution can be deployed within 8 – 48 hours.

An IP-VPN based WAN is not going to work if you have offices in multiple countries or heavily rely on cloud services/SaaS applications, due to inconsistent latencies, packet loss and jitter.

Aryaka’s global private network bypasses the unreliable public Internet, so you can experience down to 0% packet loss on long-haul international links, drastically improving application performance.

Traditional WAN Optimization Controllers are CapEx intensive and hard to integrate. They also need to be maintained, managed and upgraded regularly – which is a significant hassle and drain on resources.

Aryaka combines WAN Optimization along with a global private network in a fully managed service which eliminates the hassle of deploying, managing and upgrading appliances.


File transfers are much faster, our PLM application is reliable, and our cloud-based SAP Business ByDesign ERP performance has increased significantly. Aryaka is helping us uphold our brand by giving us the solution we need to not only respond to customer demand, but to also improve business productivity.”

Yohan Beghein | Senior Network Engineer at Skullcandy

With Aryaka’s Office 365 acceleration solution, our employees experienced terrific performance improvements all over the world. I think the ability of Aryaka’s solution to connect to cloud providers like Microsoft is phenomenal, and truly helps businesses like us to leverage the benefits of SaaS.”

Kenny Gilbert | CIO at InvenSense

With Aryaka, not only were we able to improve application performance significantly, but the fully managed service was also a huge sell for us. Now, we have a reliable network with management built-in globally and support staff on demand.”

Mark Baker | CIO, JAS Forwarding Worldwide