Craig Patterson  00:15
Hello, everybody, welcome to the new excelerate when win wire, and so the goal around the win wire series here is we want to talk about where partners are winning, where they’re leading with Aryaka. We’re going to talk about the use cases, and we’re going to celebrate the success. So our first episode here we have Matt Hazon from TDM. Matt, thanks so much for joining here. We appreciate your time, you mind saying hello to everybody and give him a little bit of feedback on who you are.

Matt Hayes  00:46
Hi, everybody, Matt Hayes. I am with ICS slash TDM. And been an agent here in the industry for about 25 years.

Craig Patterson  00:54
Awesome. Matt, by the way, is an absolute Rockstar. So Matt and his team delivered an amazing win here with a customer that’s in the manufacturing vertical, the initial order, oh, by the way, close to $100,000. That account has now grown to somewhere north of 200,000. And the solution itself was all around last mile circuits. SD win plus sassy included. So we’ll talk about that specific way. So Matt, Congratulations on the win there. We appreciate that opportunity.

Matt Hayes  01:29
Thank you, Greg.

Craig Patterson  01:30
So Matt, let’s jump into this. This opportunity. Let’s talk about your your manufacturing customer. What was the challenge they faced and what what did they come to you to say, Hey, Matt, help us out solve this?

Matt Hayes  01:44
Absolutely, Craig. This customer was a publicly traded organization with locations across the globe. And they were working off an old legacy MPLS network that had multiple small fiber connections, T ones DSL connections, that were really inadequate to support the company’s goals of migrating applications to the cloud. And in addition, they wanted to implement a global IP IP telephony solution. They had some outdated firewall solutions and equipment in place as well.

Craig Patterson  02:21
Awesome. Well sounds like he brought on to the future you brought on to a better state, you rebuild their infrastructure, you look at the market opportunity. By the way, it’s somewhere when you look at MPLS, the MPLS replacement mark is somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 billion. So congratulations to you, Matt for grabbing that pot of gold. They’re really helping this customer. Let’s talk about the engagement. So you obviously spoke with the customer, they shared their needs, they shared the problem statement? And how did the Aryaka team engage with you to really help solve that particular challenge?

Matt Hayes  02:57
When we engaged Aryaka we started working with Ryan live, say Danny Rodriguez and Holly Brian. And we started scheduling meetings with the customer and listening to the challenges the customer faced. We had a very productive and technical discovery meetings that I think the customer started to take note early on, in the engagement that Aryaka was bringing a customer first approach to the table.

Craig Patterson  03:28
Well, that ties that ties in nicely to the brand new go to market strategy here. Aryaka were 100% channel LED. So I agree with you. We have an amazing team here, Holly and Ryan are outstanding and the rest of the team. So congratulations to the React team for assisting. Let’s talk about the why. So why ultimately did Aryaka when Why did the customer select us

Matt Hayes  03:52
there were a number of our handful of solutions they looked at. But Aryaka truly brought that the right solution to the table and listen, they delivered a single point of contact global SD Wan solution with the virtual checkpoint firewall and also took the lead on procuring all the diverse last mile circuits to support the solution.

Craig Patterson  04:16
That’s great. So it sounds like a turnkey solution. We took care of all the needs. We solved the connectivity. We helped integrate the convergence between SD Wan and sassy to really help them solve that particular need. So thanks for sharing that. Man. I got to ask you, I mean obviously, there’s a lot of different providers out there. Why did you pick Aryaka? Why did you bring this opportunity to us

Matt Hayes  04:37
the customer first approach. I think as agents you know, you have multiple vendors that you can you can sell in and most vendors out there just hungry to close the next deal and don’t truly listen to what the customer is saying. Aryaka listens and continues to listen to the customer and presented the right solution to make the customer more successful. You know, we can make our customers successful than we can be successful approach. Their Acura team was very passionate about helping the customer. And I think that shows with all the friendships that have been that have developed because everyone had the same end goal in mind.

Craig Patterson  05:18
Well, thanks for sharing that. And congratulations again on an outstanding win. I love the love the use case. And then to everybody out there again, there’s a $50 billion pot of gold out there. That’s all around MPLS replacement. I challenge you all go get your piece of that, go find that pot of gold have some success. Matt, thanks so much for being on the Aryaka accelerate, win wire. Thanks for sharing to where you’re winning in the marketplace. And congratulations to you and your team.

Matt Hayes  05:48
You’re welcome. Thank you for the support you’ve given us and we look forward to the next one.