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A fully-managed cost-effective WAN that facilitates increased productivity, keeping mission critical applications connected with up to 99.999% uptime.

Top 3 Reasons Why Manufacturing Needs Managed SD-WAN

The Enterprise WAN should have a robust architecture that is capable of transporting vast amounts of data generated from IIoT devices on the factory floor, prioritize mission-critical data from cloud-based manufacturing systems, support office productivity and CRM SaaS applications, while ensuring that machines running AI and ML algorithms have access to data lakes.

The MPLS Transition

How a global manufacturing organization transitioned from MPLS to a more Internet and cloud-centric approach. Utilizing Aryaka’s high-performance network, Element Solutions is transferring files between sites 20X faster than before. Listen to the conversation with Stan Yarbrough, Sr. Global IT Architect at Element Solutions.

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Managed SD-WAN for Digital Transformation (Whitepaper)

Once considered a laggard, the manufacturing sector is fast catching up on Digital Transformation initiatives. Central to this transformation are technologies like WAN transformation, multi-cloud connectivity, analytics, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Aryaka’s SmartServices provide regional and global manufacturers with a managed WAN that facilitates rather than hinders the need for agility and increased productivity, especially in today’s uncertain and rapidly changing business environment.

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