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Is it Time for a WAN Reset? Gartner Looks at SD-WAN: The Future of Enterprise Networks
“The WAN is a mess!” proclaimed Gartner Analyst, Andrew Lerner, during their recent Data Center Infrastructure and Operations conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lerner was the host of two major sessions focused on the network at[...]
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3 Simple Ways for Choosing the Right MPLS Alternative
In our cloud-enabled world, MPLS is on the way out – but it’s dying a slow death. Legacy networks have not been made completely obsolete, but as more organizations attempt to access resources in the cloud or[...]
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Unless you’ve spent the last couple of years hibernating under a rock, it’s impossible for you to have escaped the buzz around Cloud, SD-WAN or Digital Transformation. Looking Up to the Cloud If you are a business,[...]
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Why MPLS and Cloud Applications Don’t Mix
If you’re in charge of delivering and maintaining a global WAN, then you know the headache that this chart can induce. Why? Because legacy WAN connectivity approaches like MPLS do not address performance challenges for cloud and[...]
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5 Reasons SD-WAN is Critical for Global Airlines like Air China
Industry experts believe that old legacy systems are unable to handle the exponential surge in passenger volume, fleet sizes, along with increasing customer expectations and global expansion of airline companies. For the airlines industry, the importance of[...]
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Salesforce Is Slow? — How You Can Solve IT!
Salesforce is one of the first applications that’s extended to new offices when U.S. companies expand into global locations, such as China. However, slow application performance often limits adoption and usage, thus negatively impacting business execution for[...]
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Choosing the Right SD-WAN for Your SaaS Connectivity
When Marc Benioff first came up with the idea of offering as a cloud-based application in 1999, little did he know about its ripple effect in the field of enterprise software. The idea was to move[...]
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Analyzing the Core Performance Difference in SD-WANs
SD-WAN solutions have been making inroads into the enterprise by delivering application performance improvements, reducing network complexity at branch offices, and reducing costs in some cases, but buyer beware: There are two primary underlying connectivity options, and[...]
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The State of SD-WAN Connectivity: Performance By the Numbers
What would you do with an extra 4,000 milliseconds in your day? Probably not much because the time would be over before you even knew it began. But what about an extra 4,000 milliseconds (4 seconds) every time[...]
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Why Did VMware Buy VeloCloud?
The SD-WAN market is in the consolidation phase of its evolution and corporate pairings are flooding Silicon Valley.  The latest news on the block is about the VeloCloud acquisition, or if we may call it VMware Velocloud.[...]
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Is it really true that “no one gets fired for buying AT&T?”
Not for long: a look at the disruptive forces upending the networking status quo – and why you won’t hear about those forces from the incumbent telecom providers: Collaboration is key to the success of any global[...]
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MPLS: Massive, Painful Layoffs (in) Store?
What do the numbers 4000 and 1100 have to do with your enterprise WAN? Those are the number of layoffs taking place at British Telecom and Cisco. Along with a big layoff at Riverbed (a WAN Optimization[...]
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