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ONE Network for the Hybrid WAN
Enterprises are evolving and so is the WAN. With globalization and cloud adoption being the two megatrends affecting network architectures today, CIOs are discussing hybrid WAN initiatives with their teams. Most global businesses use MPLS for their[...]
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Buyer’s Checklist for WAN Optimization
Purchase decisions are never easy with the information one has access to, these days. Right from a new phone to an entire global networking strategy, the savvy consumer researches, validates, checks reviews and then buys. Considering the[...]
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Why the Internet still fails most businesses
Enterprise-class services like WAN Optimization and CDNs have widened the divide between large enterprises and small business, but there’s one technology that promises to change that.  We’ve all read a forest’s worth of stories on how the[...]
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Lossy Internet Syndrome (LIS): How Internet Latency is killing your Network
No, this isn’t a medical interest piece. Far from it. However, there may be something to be said about the Internet today as it needs a reality check (up). LIS is a particularly dangerous syndrome affecting enterprises.[...]
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5 Common Myths about CDNs that Clog your Content
Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have been around since the late 90’s and are already a key component of IT strategy when it comes to video streaming, social media, and retail/e-commerce. CDNs have certainly evolved from their beginnings[...]
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5 Common Myths about MPLS that Hurt Your Business
I often wonder why businesses stick with outdated technologies, such as MPLS, when superior alternatives are available at a much lower cost. I ask my sales team what they hear in the trenches, and the excuses they’re[...]
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Regional ISPs: If you don’t have a global strategy, you’re going to lose your business customers
Consider this scenario: You’re the leading ISP within your region. You provide your corporate customers with the fastest access to the Internet that money can buy. You have great relationships with all your customers, and they love[...]
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Why deploying Office 365 and other cloud services globally could spark an end-user revolt
IT is embracing the cloud like never before. Why? Because the value is easy to quantify, and the ROI is compelling. As more businesses shift to the cloud, major cloud providers are tripping over each other to[...]
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Pluto Cloud Services CEO speaks out against MPLS and traditional WAN opt
The status quo is failing companies worldwide, and Pluto Cloud Services is ready to help them change By Larry Chaffin, Chairman and CEO, Pluto Cloud Services My company had always been selling telco carrier MPLS and WAN acceleration[...]
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Why CIOs are leaving WAN acceleration appliance vendors behind
WAN acceleration works, but hardware holds the space back By Larry Chaffin, Chairman and CEO, Pluto Cloud Services Don’t get me wrong, WAN acceleration is great for companies and anyone who is not using it is being left[...]
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As interest in leveraging public cloud computing services and SaaS such as Microsoft Office 365 increases, WAN managers need to be able to support these initiatives, while still maintaining the network security, visibility and control they and[...]
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When Your Job Becomes a Home
By Vicky Semenina “Are you nervous?” These words rushed into my system, triggering my heart to quicken to a frightening pace. Was I that obvious? Dressed in fancy clothing, carefully picked out the day before, I tried[...]
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