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Old content delivery technology doesn’t cut it for today’s shopping
Whether it’s the holiday season or not, shoppers expect websites to serve up product information, shopping carts, and payment processes fast. But traditional content delivery networks are not up for the task. This is because today’s shopping[...]
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How an Agile Network Helps You Own the Globe
For companies that rely on making real-time information available across globally distributed offices, agility can be a major concern. 1) They want to connect remote offices quickly, and 2) They want a fast, reliable network. So, why[...]
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Forget the edge. Here’s the Real Cloud Networking Solution. . .
Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen news coming from the old-school networking incumbents announcing that they are making moves to improve the performance of cloud-based applications. It’s no secret that the future of enterprise apps is[...]
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Is Your Enterprise WAN All–In?
When you’re in Vegas, you know that the house has an advantage on whatever game you decide to gamble your hard-earned money on. They don’t build those fancy casinos on the backs of winners, after all! The[...]
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Managing Global Networks is No Fairy Tale
Maybe you’ve never associated the IT problems of network managers with Cinderella’s, but having to chase and resolve endless latency and packet loss concerns on the global WAN really keeps the tech folks locked away. They aren’t[...]
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We partnered with AVANT … Three Reasons You Should Too
At Aryaka, we’re disrupting the enterprise WAN market with our software-defined, ultra-optimized, multi-tenant private WAN as-a-Service. As a company that provides next-generation, cloud-based networks to global businesses, we are partnering with strategic, cloud-ready partners who understand the[...]
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What AVANT has to say about WAN as-a-Service
Our friends at AVANT, the nation’s premier distributor of next generation technologies in communications and IT infrastructure, recently published a blog post that reveals the benefits of WAN delivered as a service. They talk about how today’s[...]
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Is your business sacrificing productivity because you spend too much time playing the Branch Office Waiting Game?
If you do business overseas, you’re probably familiar with this common headache. You need to access an important sales presentation, an online product catalog, or a mission-critical application. So, you head online and . . . you[...]
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Dissecting Cloud Security Strategies – IT Conference | Blog
After spending more than 20 years in the IT and cloud security industry, I have joined Aryaka Networks, a company headquartered in Silicon Valley that is revolutionizing the enterprise WAN space. I lead Aryaka’s Global Security and[...]
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The Zero-Compromise WAN Manifesto
In our global economy, enterprises rely on the WAN to conduct business with branch offices, overseas partners, suppliers, and more. When you do business overseas, you shouldn’t have to compromise between speed and performance on one hand,[...]
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Feeling like MPLS means More Pay Less Service? Consider this.
Here’s a quick quiz. Question 1: Is your company looking to globalize? Question 2: Are you moving your applications to the cloud? If you answered yes to either of these, you might reconsider the value of your[...]
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CXO Insights: Can your CDN handle a Cloud based Web Application?
Content Delivery Networks have been around for almost two decades now. And their primary goal has almost always been the same—to deliver web resources faster to global end users. In the 90s, websites used to be a collection of static images and text. The legacy CDNs[...]
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