Aryaka Launches Women in Tech, Mentorship and Career Advancement Initiative for Women

Aryaka Launches Women in Tech

We are excited to share the launch of Aryaka Women in Tech, an initiative aimed at empowering and uplifting women in technology, both internally within the Aryaka workplace and externally within our field.

To support this mission, the program’s goals are to create mentorship opportunities for younger generations of women, establish an internal forum to discuss and respond to the interests and needs of women at Aryaka and to create learning opportunities that support and engage with women in the broader technology space.

Core to this newly launched initiative is the mentorship program, which matches Aryaka mentors with mentees to create knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation opportunities across the organization. Ultimately, the goal is that the mentorship program will further the career development of women at Aryaka as well as identify leadership opportunities for them.

Aryaka Women in Tech will also feature an all-women executive panel put together by our sales leader, CRO Karen Freitag, that will act as an advisory board to the program. Lastly, the initiative will host a monthly internal forum, which is open to the entire organization, to share upcoming opportunities and discuss feedback.

To learn more about Aryaka Women in Tech, visit our About Us page.

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