It’s a wrap! Summer Internships: Empowered by Aryaka Mentors and Interns

“In learning, you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn.” – Phil Collins

I have vivid recollections of my initial foray into the industry during my internship at Cisco. It provided me with a chance to fully engage with a realm of endless possibilities and the firsthand experience of benefiting from an excellent mentor. I consider myself exceptionally lucky to have been introduced to the inner workings of a corporation.

My mentor, Russel Rice, took the time to guide me through the various functions within the organization and elucidated how each of them played a pivotal role in the company’s achievements. This expansive, strategic outlook significantly influenced many of the decisions I subsequently made while navigating my career path. In most of the companies where I’ve worked, I consistently prioritized being part of these exciting junctures in the careers of fresh graduates, knowing that these experiences would indelibly mark their journeys.

What became evident to me is that internship programs offer substantial advantages to interns and are equally gratifying for employers, especially in an era defined by swift innovation and technological progress. These youthful and open-minded individuals frequently excel as problem solvers, unburdened by entrenched perspectives, and often surpass some of their more experienced colleagues. Personally, it’s truly inspiring to witness the proficiency of the emerging talent generation in harnessing a wide range of technology and tools.

This summer, Aryaka welcomed a talented group of interns who brought with them boundless enthusiasm and fresh perspectives. They eagerly immersed themselves in a season of learning, personal growth, and collaboration.

A summer internship at Aryaka offered these students a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience, applying their classroom knowledge to real projects within the company.

We were thrilled to have the chance to mentor and train the next generation of professionals. Throughout the summer, these interns took on various projects, leaving their indelible mark on Aryaka.

Hamza Jamal – Project: Envoy on endpoint

Purva Badve – Project: Business intelligence with Eagleeye

Anisha Chatterjee – Project: Keycloak plug in for SASE

Keisha Kaba – Project: Eagleeye API conversation to RESTFul

Anoushka Nadkarni – Project: Threat intel Webroot integration

Krishna Bethanabhotla – Project: Data lakehouse for observability platform

Sandeep Potturi – Project: OpenVPN and security protocols

Manomay Narasimha – Project: Kubernetes scaling for envoy proxy

Arjun Gadiyar – Project: Threat intel model on synthetic data

Sarah Ward – Project: Video editings, YouTube, Sales Kick Off video assistance

Vivan Iyer – Project: Reconciliation of customer billing data

Prerana Sannappanavar – Project: SASE academy

Ethan Hoskins – Project: Reports in Salesforce and custom dashboards in Tableau

To our interns, as you embark on the next phase of your journey, remember that the experiences you have gained and the connections you have made will continue to shape your path. We thank you for your dedication, hard work, and positive contribution throughout the summer.

Summer interns worked with different teams within Aryaka: product marketing, finance, engineering, sales ops, and marketing. We thank mentors Srini, Channu, Ritu, Natty, Hugo, Liam, Dan, Johnny, Tracy, Klaus, Shasha, Len, and Miranda for their invaluable guidance. Your commitment to mentorship goes beyond the office walls. Your dedication, patience, and unwavering support have been instrumental in shaping the experience of our interns. Your willingness to share your expertise, provide guidance, and nurture the growth of these young professionals has made a significant impact.

Cheers to the memories we have created and the bright futures that await us individually, with the hope that our paths may cross again. We are excited to see where your career will take you, and we look forward to welcoming future interns who will continue the tradition of excellence you have set.

About the author

Renuka Nadkarni
Renuka Nadkarni is a security veteran with 20 years of experience building new businesses startups or new businesses at large, publicly traded companies. Before joining Aryaka, she held CTO, Security position at F5 Inc. where she was instrumental in driving F5’s foray into the security market. Previously, she has held various positions and built cutting-edge cloud and security products and launching new businesses at F5, VMware, Infoblox and launching startups. She holds an MS in Electric Engineering from the University of Houston and a BS in Electric Engineering from the University of Mumbai.