Navigating the Complex World of Global Connectivity with Aryaka’s SmartConnect

In today’s fast-paced business environment, reliable and cost-effective connectivity is a necessity. Companies are facing an array of challenges in maintaining a reliable and efficient network with legacy WAN infrastructure, especially on a global level. The complexity of managing a global network can be overwhelming, especially for companies with lean IT and networking teams with issues ranging from latency, packet loss and jitter to network downtime posing significant threats to business operations. Aryaka’s SmartConnect services is purpose-built for such a complex landscape, promising not just connectivity, but high performance, reliability, and user satisfaction. In this blog, we will delve deep into the world of global connectivity, understand the challenges at hand, and explore how Aryaka’s SmartConnect services standout as a solution. Reliable, global connectivity is the backbone, pun intended, of successful SD-WAN and SASE deployments.

The Challenges of Global Connectivity

Latency and Performance Issues

Latency is one of the main culprits, when it comes to not having a good user experience. In a world where every milli-second counts, a delay in data transmission can lead to lost sales, dissatisfied customers, and ultimately even a tarnished brand reputation. The farther your data has to travel, the higher the latency, and this is where a robust global network becomes crucial. Aryaka’s SmartConnect leverages a global backbone network and built-in WAN Optimization, ensuring that your data travels the shortest and fastest route, minimizing latency and enhancing performance.

Network Reliability and Uptime

Network reliability is the backbone of any successful business operation. Downtime is not just an inconvenience; it translates to lost productivity, lost opportunities, and in many cases, lost revenue. With Aryaka’s SmartConnect businesses can enjoy up to 99.999% uptime, ensuring their operations run smoothly, 24/7. The multiple levels of redundancy built into the Aryaka global network mean that even in the face of unforeseen issues, your network stays up and running.

Complexity in Network Management

Managing a global network requires a skills , resources, and a significant investment of time and money. The complexity of the task can lead to increased operational costs and a higher potential for errors. Aryaka’s SmartConnect simplifies this complexity, offering managed automation and orchestration capabilities, backed by 24×7 support, ensuring that your network is in good hands.

Aryaka’s SmartConnect : A Global Connectivity Solution

Global Reach with Lightning Performance

Aryaka’s SmartConnect is not just about connectivity; it’s about high-performance connectivity. With over 40 points of presence spread across six continents, the service ensures that over 95% of the world’s business population is within 30ms of an Aryaka point of presence. This global reach ensures that no matter where your business operations are, you are guaranteed lightning-fast performance.

Ensuring High Availability

High availability is at the core of Aryaka’s SmartConnect. The service’s multiple levels of redundancy, from the first mile to the last mile, from CPE to PoP-level, ensure that your network is always on, always available. With uptime options of 99.999% or 99.99%, depending on the SmartConnect service chosen, businesses can rest assured that their operations will run uninterrupted.

Simplifying Network Management

Aryaka’s SmartConnect takes the complexity out of network management. The service’s managed automation and orchestration capabilities, backed by 24×7 support, ensure that your network is always optimized for performance. The MyAryaka cloud portal provides insightful analytics about the state of the WAN and applications, offering co-management/self-serve capabilities to monitor, manage, and maintain app performance with a single tool.

Realizing the Benefits of Aryaka’s SmartConnect

Fast Deployment and Operational Simplicity

In the fast-paced world of business, time is of the essence. Aryaka’s SmartConnect ensures that businesses can deploy sites rapidly, in hours or days, not weeks or months. The service’s zero-touch deployment for the services edge, along with its ability to connect to clouds seamlessly worldwide, ensures operational simplicity. The closed-loop workflows for services and support, fast change management, and a single vendor with a single point of contact model further simplify operations, ensuring that businesses can focus on what they do best.

Achieving a Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Aryaka’s SmartConnect is not just about performance and reliability; it’s also about cost-effectiveness. The 100% subscription-based model means no CAPEX, no rip-and-replace of EOL products but predictable costs. The cloud-first delivery of services, along with the choice of right-sized optimal price/performance and service level deployment options, ensures that businesses can achieve a lower total cost of ownership, without compromising on performance or reliability.

How to Get Started with Aryaka’s SmartConnect

Embracing Aryaka’s SmartConnect is a straightforward process. Businesses interested in transforming their global connectivity can reach out to Aryaka, request a demo, and see firsthand the benefits and solutions that SmartConnect can provide. on

Navigating the complex world of global connectivity is no small feat, but with Aryaka’s SmartConnect it’s not just possible; it’s straightforward. The Aryaka cloud-delivered services address the challenges of latency, network reliability, and the complexity of network management, ensuring that businesses can enjoy high performance, reliability, and user satisfaction. With its global reach, high availability, and simplified network management, Aryaka’s SmartConnect has proven itself to help companies realize a simply better and more economical global connectivity.

Request a demo today, and get started on your WAN Transformation, and be on your accelerated path for a SASE deployment.

About the author

Klaus Schwegler
Klaus is a Director of Marketing in Aryaka’s Product and Solution Marketing team. He has over 25 years of experience in the networking, data center, and semiconductor industries with positions held in product and solutions marketing, integrated programs marketing, customer service, and business development. Previous roles included with Equinix, Cisco, Philips Lumileds, Infineon, and Mitsubishi Electronics. He holds a B.SC degree from HfWU Nuertingen-Geislingen in Business Administration - Automotive & Management.