Pluto Cloud Services CEO speaks out against MPLS and traditional WAN opt

The status quo is failing companies worldwide, and Pluto Cloud Services is ready to help them change

By Larry Chaffin, Chairman and CEO, Pluto Cloud Services

My company had always been selling telco carrier MPLS and WAN acceleration appliances to our customers. It was a good fit, did its job and was accepted by companies as a good solution. But there were always fall outs with customers with this solution. The time it took for MPLS in America to get installed was one problem but when you go international it moved from 30-60 days to 60-120 days for an install. The outages companies experience with international MPLS were a constant problem. Always point the finger at everyone this includes local loop carriers, NNI partners and the customer.

Then the problem customers had with wan acceleration appliance vendors and the constant refresh of appliances. Companies not wanting to spend more capex on appliances they just purchased, the yearly maintenance and if you are a worldwide company the cost of international purchasing. The cost and licensing for accelerating MS365 and Salesforce was the next shoe that fell when the product was announced. Many companies could just not afford it on top of all of the other capex.

It was becoming harder and harder to convince companies to purchase MPLS when the NSA hacking and snooping scandal came out. Then if you are doing business in China or Asia it become worse as everyone is worried about the government in China spying on them. Let’s face it, MPLS is not encrypted or secure. Coming at a crossroads with customers, potential customers we found Aryaka Networks.

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