Three Reasons Why the Aryaka and Ampito Partnership Is a Perfect Match

Aryaka’s global SD-WAN continues to gain traction around the world. We recently announced our new partnership with the Ampito Group, a technology leader in network, security, and cloud services.

Graeme Harold, the Managing Director of mobile and telecommunication services for the Ampito Group said, “Our customers will benefit immensely from Aryaka’s disruptive, best-in-class technology, which moves the global wide area network to the cloud and delivers it as a service.”

The partnership will enable the Ampito Group to address the key network issues their customers face, with Aryaka’s global connectivity solution. It will also provide more businesses in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with a premier choice for delivering global connectivity that replaces legacy technologies such as MPLS.


Here are three reasons why we are excited about the new partnership between the Ampito Group and Aryaka:

  1. The Global SD-WAN Market Presence Expands in EMEA
    The Ampito Group has 13 locations, which include four in the UK, and offices in Holland, France, Spain, and Dubai. Their clients include global enterprises looking to improve their cloud-based and SaaS application performance without the requirement of an expensive MPLS line, but with the flexibility of the public Internet.Ampito can now offer Aryaka global connectivity solutions and provide businesses with a reliable and optimized network designed to decrease latency and packet loss and improve cloud-based and SaaS application performance throughout their worldwide offices. Together, Ampito and Aryaka can provide EMEA businesses with a consistent global user experience.
  2. Provides a Service Unlike Any Other
    The Ampito Group is focused on providing the best-in-class services and solutions to their clients. Aryaka provides a unique and fully managed service for global connectivity. The key advantage is our global private network. This infrastructure provides international businesses with consistent latencies, minimal packet loss, and predictable application performance, on a connection that bypasses the public Internet.A deployment of Aryaka’s global SD-WAN can be completed in days or hours, as opposed to months with an MPLS connection. The Aryaka global SD-WAN is also a fully-managed service that deals with all aspects of the customer’s network, reducing the complexity and costs of in-house IT resources. This means the Ampito Group can provide the businesses they serve with a faster and more efficient solution to meet their global needs, along with the opportunity to reduce capital expenditure.
  3. Delivers an Increase in Customer Satisfaction
    Aryaka’s customer retention rate is in the high 90% range. Customers like Air China and Skullcandy, have seen improvements in their mission-critical applications that are required to stay productive and on top of demand amongst their locations around the world. The Ampito Group can now provide the same efficient and flexible experience for global enterprises in their region.

A Partnership of Innovation
Ampito is known for providing a disruptive suite of network and cloud-based services to their group of clients. Aryaka is an innovative global SD-WAN that provides an efficient and flexible network that optimizes network connectivity and application performance for global enterprises. We are really excited to have Ampito as one of our partners in EMEA and look forward to where this partnership builds the global marketplace toward the future.

Continue here to learn more about our partner program, or reach out to us if you have any questions.

About the author

Gary Sevounts
Gary Sevounts is the Chief Marketing Officer at Aryaka Networks, and is responsible for Aryaka’s global marketing efforts. He has extensive experience with software and SaaS products in the IT infrastructure and security space, as well as marketing and sales technology, having held marketing and product management leadership roles with a number of industry leaders.