SD-WAN and SASE “As-A-Service” Now Affordable to Companies of All Sizes!

Enterprises don’t need massive scale or multinational reach to benefit from our network and security managed services model

SD-WAN and SASE “As-A-Service” Now Affordable to Companies of All Sizes!

Is your enterprise one that falls in the bracket of small to medium-sized firms? Does your organization face challenges when it comes to deploying network and security services? Are affordability, performance optimization, and ease-of-use key considerations that drive your decision-making? And who can help me with these challenges?

Sound familiar? Chances are great that as a small to mid-size enterprise you’ve asked yourself these questions.

We got answers. And the solutions with our revamped SD-WAN and SASE offerings.

You know us as a leader for Unified SASE Solutions that is trusted by large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies worldwide for over a decade. We now equally focus our energies on small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) like yours to offer you an all-in-one managed service. Our core identity lies in our ability to offer an all-encompassing SD-WAN and SASE network and security service solution, as opposed to the usual multi-vendor stitched together solution which is complex in its execution and just not sustainable in delivering the outcomes you need – and deserve!
Our aim is to make sure your enterprise gets the same end-to-end optimal experience that large companies get. And you won’t have to stretch your budget or compromise on the service you get.

SMEs deserve a First-class Service Delivery Experience

It makes us understand the specific networking and security challenges that enterprises of all sizes face. We take this understanding and actively take steps to deliver products and services that are targeted to address those challenges.

Dennis Monner, Aryaka’s Chief Commercial Officer, when asked about the importance of having a customer-centric focus, puts it like this: “One bad experience is one too many. SMEs deserve a first-class experience equal to large enterprises and multi-national companies while meeting their budgetary needs.”

Research shows that the three main networking and security challenges that small to medium-sized companies face are limited budgets, lack of skilled IT resources, and the need for operational simplicity. These fundamentals need to be taken into consideration before their need for optimized network and security solutions can be acted upon. SMEs search for a vendor that offers a service which encapsulates all their needs, while also fitting their budget framework of what they can afford as an organization, is a difficult one. This is where we step in.

Our revamped offerings bring our highly regarded agile deployment at an affordable price range for SMEs. Our entry price begins at $150 per site/per month. Our integrated approach delivers a more comprehensive set of managed service capabilities with application optimization, network security, multi-cloud connectivity, and cloud-based observability and control, all supported by comprehensive lifecycle services management.

Aryaka’s service is tailored specifically to solve these challenges through our approach of selling network and network security as-a-service. The “as-a-service” is part of our DNA. We have done it since we started 14 years ago. We are unique in combining our technology – and where desired, select 3rd party security technology – a global backbone and integrated lifecycle services management options. Making network and security affordable, easy-to-deploy, and easy-to-consume is what we offer SMEs.

SD-WAN and SASE Solutions for SMEs

Our tailored SME solutions are easy to buy and deploy. They are guided by focusing on cost-effectiveness, resilience, and easy consumption for SMEs. The SD-WAN and SASE service we offer comes with built-in resilience and application acceleration, offering flexible network connectivity through Aryaka’s global backbone. Its cloud-based structure brings in the ease-of-use quality. As enterprises have become work from anywhere and deliver from everywhere since the pandemic, moving networking and security to the cloud while offering the same QoS and performance optimization is the key. And that is what we offer.

More than anything, we make sure that your organization has access to reliable and high-performing network connectivity and security and does not find the need to compromise on the best quality service.

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About the author

Klaus is a Director of Marketing in Aryaka’s Product and Solution Marketing team. He has over 25 years of experience in the networking, data center, and semiconductor industries with positions held in product and solutions marketing, integrated programs marketing, customer service, and business development. Previous roles included with Equinix, Cisco, Philips Lumileds, Infineon, and Mitsubishi Electronics. He holds a B.SC degree from HfWU Nuertingen-Geislingen in Business Administration - Automotive & Management.