When Your Job Becomes a Home

By Vicky Semenina

“Are you nervous?”

These words rushed into my system, triggering my heart to quicken to a frightening pace.

Was I that obvious? Dressed in fancy clothing, carefully picked out the day before, I tried to act like an adult. This was more than just a job interview. This was my very first step into the adult world, and one that I didn’t know much about yet.

I was so thankful and relieved that I was accepted, a 15 year old working as an interim office manager at Aryaka Networks. However, I was foolish to think that the hardest part was far behind me.

Now, I’m sitting in the office, doing one of the most difficult tasks yet to come: I’m rummaging my brain to uncover the perfect words to simply describe an amazing experience with only a few concise paragraphs. Even though I’ve only been here for two weeks, I’ve learned more than I could ever imagine.

Before beginning this job, my mind would race to many places whenever someone would ask me who I wanted to be in the future. A doctor? A businesswoman? Or maybe even a journalist?

After being so lost, the compelling environment at Aryaka has finally pointed me in the right direction. Aryaka contains these four significant characteristics that can basically make anyone fall in love with this place.

Fairness. Every single individual in this building has a chance to learn and grow. When I first came here, I was like a river running into an unknown sea, but my fellow coworkers taught me everything I needed to know and soothed my nerves.

Respect. The most significant part of a company is how people treat each other, and personally, I think Aryaka has this part down.

Collaboration. Sitting in the office, I’ve seen the rapid exchange of ideas between workers. Even though I may not always understand them (I’m only 15), I can see how beneficial it is to have one another.

Family. Whether the computer isn’t working or someone needs a ride, everyone at this company is here for each other, providing a comforting feeling no matter what ­– especially if you’re a new member of this family, like me.

Overall, this sense of commitment and belonging will bring a tear to my face when I’ll have to part with it. This experience has made me more confident in my abilities, and it has helped me acknowledge that not everything is easy, but with some time and a sweaty forehead, anything is possible.

My social skills have greatly improved, since every single day I meet new people and step out of my box. I’ve talked to more adults than I’ve ever had to in my life and the feeling is wonderful!

Thanks to Aryaka Networks for accepting me into their little home and helping me grow as a person. Who knows – perhaps in the future, we will meet again!

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