Can you believe another summer has come and gone? As we welcome the colors of fall, there’s so much I’m eager to share with you all.

First up, a round of applause for our Fiscal 2023 Partner Award standouts! A huge shoutout to:

  • Avant for snagging the Partner of the Year. Way to go!
  • Robert Bye from Zenture Partners, our Top Partner Seller. Stellar work, Robert!
  • And Gary Jacobs from Bridgepointe for the Business Impact Award. Your impact is truly felt and appreciated.

For a behind-the-scenes look at our collaboration with Avant, catch my video chat with Drew Lydecker, Avant’s Co-founder & President. It’s always a joy to connect with Drew and discuss the strides we’re making together.

Speaking of new strides, I’m absolutely buzzing with excitement about our latest board addition. We’ve managed to bring onboard none other than the visionary Shailesh Shukla as Aryaka’s Executive Chairman of the Board. With his rich legacy at Google Cloud, Cisco, and Juniper, we’re gearing up for some transformative times ahead. I strongly encourage you to keep scrolling; you wouldn’t want to miss out on the details.

Lastly, though the beach days are behind us, it signals the beginning of our event season! I can’t wait to catch up with many of you at Avant’s Special Forces, the Bridgepointe Tech Summit, and Intelisys Channel Connect this fall. Always a pleasure to share insights, laughter, and perhaps a coffee or two.

Here’s to the incredible journey ahead.

Richard’s Crystal Ball: Aryaka’s Skyrocketing Future!

When Richard Murray, Chief Commercial Officer at Telarus, peers into the networking landscape, he doesn’t just rely on trends and stats; he leans into the insights of those at the front lines: his engineers. And when they talk, he listens.

So, what’s the verdict? It’s unanimous: Aryaka not only possesses an amazing product but is also steered by visionary leadership.

Richard is immensely bullish about the synergy between Aryaka and Telarus. He sees more than just a partnership; he envisions an explosion. In the coming two years, be prepared for transformative conversations at scale.

Curious about the depth of Richard’s confidence? Dive into the details by watching the video now!

Watch the Video Now

Get to Know Anthony Hansen: Aryaka’s Channel Sales Maestro!

Ever wondered about the force driving our partner enablement in Nevada, Hawaii, and Northern California? Let’s pull back the curtain on Anthony Hansen, our dynamic Channel Sales Director.

Anthony is no stranger to the telco space, having started his journey in 1997. While he’s a pro at assisting partners from discovery calls to upselling current clients, he’s equally adept at juggling dad duties, one child mastering linguistics in Finland and the other delving into food science at Oregon State. (Go Beavers!)

One of the gems at Aryaka is our layer 2 backbone, ensuring customer traffic remains unshakable and is swift from start to finish. And it’s not just about tech; Anthony has Robert Meyer by his side, a ten-year Aryaka veteran and a maestro in WAN technologies, SD-WAN, and security.

Exciting times are ahead! With new PoPs in Denver and Atlanta and two more on the horizon in Madrid and Lisbon, Anthony’s enthusiasm is palpable.

How can Anthony propel your business to new heights?

Watch Anthony’s exclusive video where he delves into all this and more, giving you the insider’s perspective you’ve been craving.

Watch the Video Now

Steering Aryaka Towards A Bright Future: Welcoming Our New Executive Chairman

Big News Alert! The visionary former Google exec, Shailesh Shukla, joins us as the Executive Chairman of Aryaka’s Board of Directors. With an illustrious past at Google Cloud and other tech giants like Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks, Mr. Shukla brings over two decades of expertise in networking and security.

Why is this pivotal for you, our Aryaka Accelerate Partners?

Steering Strategy & Vision: With Shailesh Shukla on board, Aryaka is poised for a transformative phase. His leadership will shape our strategy, hone our focus, and dictate pivotal investments that propel us forward in the Unified SASE solutions landscape.

Industry Disruption: As we set sail on our SASE journey, Mr. Shukla’s profound knowledge positions Aryaka to disrupt the industry, ensuring you’re always associated with cutting-edge solutions.

Growth & Ambition: With an aim to converge markets and maintain Aryaka’s pioneering spirit, our collaboration ensures an unmatched customer experience. As we grow, so do the opportunities for our partners.

Rob Schwartz, an Aryaka Board member, perfectly sums up the sentiment,

“Shailesh’s robust leadership makes him the ideal beacon to steer Aryaka during its burgeoning phase of growth.”

In Mr. Shukla’s words,

“Aryaka’s strong vision and foundation set the stage for a brilliant future, and I’m exhilarated to be a part of this journey.”

With a bolstered Board of Directors, we’re not just poised for greatness; we’re set to redefine it. Join us in welcoming this new era for Aryaka and an even more prosperous journey for our partners!

Aryaka Partners – Exclusive Podcast Episode for You!

Featured on “The Bridge”: Dive deep with Renuka Nadkarni, Chief Product Officer at Aryaka, as we venture into the realm of next-gen networks and our upcoming SASE launch!

Why This Episode is a Must-Listen for Our Partners:

  • Get firsthand insights into Aryaka’s pioneering cloud-first approach to SD-WAN and now, SASE-as-a-service.
  • Discover the transformation journey through technology eras – from Infrastructure to Conversions.
  • Delve into Aryaka’s strategy shift towards users and cloud apps for seamless global connectivity.
  • Understand the SASE difference – addressing challenges, ensuring consistent security, and simplifying network intricacies.
  • Gain perspective on the changing work dynamics post-pandemic and the influential role of Gen Z in the workforce.

Harness this knowledge to elevate your partnership with Aryaka, especially as we gear up for our monumental SASE launch. Stay informed, stay ahead!

Tune into “The Bridge” today!

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