Service enables global businesses to deploy Aryaka’s Software Defined Network Platform to Achieve Faster Office 365 performance via Azure ExpressRoute

MILPITAS, CALIF. February 11, 2016: Aryaka®, the Software Defined Network Platform provider, announced today that its customers will now be able to connect directly to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud via Azure ExpressRoute. Enterprises that opt for Aryaka’s Office 365 Acceleration platform can now extend their on-premises networks around the world into the Microsoft Office 365 cloud over dedicated private connections facilitated by Aryaka, as an ExpressRoute connectivity provider. This results in higher reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies, and higher security than typical connections over the Internet and MPLS.

“Microsoft is excited to welcome Aryaka as an ExpressRoute connectivity provider for Office 365,” said Ross Ortega, Principal Manager, Azure Networking, Microsoft. “By offering Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365 over its software-defined network platform, Aryaka is providing enterprises with enhanced network performance and consistent, accelerated access to the Office 365 cloud.”

Aryaka first announced earlier this year that it is providing private connections to Azure via ExpressRoute, providing enterprises with faster, more reliable access to Microsoft’s cloud services. Aryaka’s Network for the Cloud now supports Office 365 connectivity over the existing Azure ExpressRoute infrastructure.

“As the demand for cloud services like Office 365 grows, CIOs are increasingly concerned about their global networks becoming an application performance bottleneck,” said Ashwath Nagaraj, Founder and CTO of Aryaka. “We are excited about adding Office 365 support to Aryaka’s existing Azure ExpressRoute connectivity service as it allows us to significantly enhance our Office 365 acceleration capabilities.”

Many organizations today are utilizing Microsoft’s cloud products including Azure, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, and SharePoint. With ExpressRoute, organizations can establish a direct connection to these cloud services, providing security, more predictable network performance, and the ability to better manage network capacity and costs.

Aryaka’s Office 365 Acceleration solution delivers stable, consistent and predictable Office 365 performance at locations around the world. With enterprise-grade private connectivity, built-in WAN Optimization technology, and 24×7 world-class support, Aryaka’s Office 365 Acceleration solution offers the following benefits:

  • Up to 40x faster application performance for Office 365 across global office locations
  • Up to 99.5% bandwidth and data reduction
  • Single-day deployment at all office locations, plus real-time network visibility

Aryaka has been seeing immense customer traction in the market with its Office 365 Acceleration offering.

“Our employees used to frequently complain about the slowness of Office 365, which was running over the Internet,” said Kenny Gilbert, CIO at InvenSense, an Aryaka Office 365 Acceleration customer. “We needed a high-performance, cloud-ready wide area network that could make our lives easier. With Aryaka’s Office 365 acceleration solution, our employees experienced terrific performance improvements all over the world. I think, the ability of Aryaka’s solution to connect to cloud providers like Microsoft is phenomenal, and truly helps businesses like us to leverage the benefits of SaaS.”

As Aryaka announces the availability of Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365, the company becomes the only ExpressRoute connectivity provider that delivers optimization benefits, such as TCP optimization, compression, data deduplication and application acceleration, on top of enterprise-grade private connectivity.

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