Global precision gauging equipment manufacturer adopts cloud-based solution to enable quick turn-up and minimize cost

MILPITAS, Calif. Jan 20, 2015 – Aryaka®, the leading ‘As-A-Service’ provider of WAN Optimization, Network, Application Delivery and Cloud Networks, announced today that Marposs, a world leader in precision equipment for measurement and control in the production environment, has deployed Aryaka’s cloud-based WAN Optimization as-a-Service to enable improved network connectivity and application performance between its plants in Italy and China.

Marposs wanted to improve collaboration across sites and address the growing need for bandwidth, but was facing severe network connectivity issues between its headquarters in Italy and plants in China. Performance for key applications such as HTTP, CIFS and Lotus Notes were particularly poor. In addition, Internet latency was unreliable and fluctuated wildly from 350 milliseconds to close to 450 milliseconds. There was also a 2Mbps MPLS line between the two sites dedicated to the ever-growing video communication needs.

Marposs was looking at deploying WAN optimization appliances to help improve performance of the Internet VPN. However the added effort of having to install and maintain the appliances was a strong deterrent. Aryaka stepped in to offer Marposs a cloud-based connectivity solution with zero capex, near instant deployment and visibly improved application performance.

Aryaka‘s multi-tenant global network with integrated WAN Optimization technology deployed at each of its Points of Presence (POPs) has an intelligent layered software stack running on top of its core network, enabling performance optimization. The POPs are positioned close to business users anywhere in the world and connected via a private core network to provide reliable enterprise-grade global connectivity. Enterprises can be up and running in minutes, not weeks or months.

The company experienced the following benefits with Aryaka’s WAN Optimization as-a-Service:

  • Up to 12 times faster application performance
  • Up to 15 times burst over subscribed bandwidth
  • Significant bandwidth savings with up to 99% compression between its Bentivoglio, Italy and Nanjing, China plants
  • Three times faster TCP connection setup time
  • Dramatic reduction in average end-to-end latency, resulting in a faster and stable network
  • Successful use of the Aryaka network for all videoconferencing traffic
  • Shut down of the dedicated MPLS line, replacing it with Aryaka’s QoS.

“We were facing severe issues with connectivity to our plants in China as performance and stability of critical business applications over the Internet was unacceptable; even videoconferencing over ISDN lines was problematic and became impossible in mid-2011,” said Luca Simoncini, ICT supervisor, Marposs. “Aryaka delivered a significant boost in network performance, with lower, stable latency and far better connectivity. Our connection speeds increased by a factor of more than 18 times and we are saving up to 17Mbps on our bandwidth utilization, all while getting a network that is cost effective, reliable, fast and easily deployable. With compression levels reaching 99% at times, our network connection with China is performing really well, being now as stable and performing as the connections with any other country!“

About Marposs
Founded by Mario Possati in Bologna, Italy in the year 1952, Marposs ( has been producing standard and custom systems for industrial applications to measure, control and manage the dimensional, geometrical and surface quality of machined parts. Marposs engineers work with both end users and machine tool makers, from the development stage of a project through implementation and long-term service support. Application solutions are obtained with standard or engineered products and cover all requirements from the immediate control of the machine tool, to the final inspection of the finished pieces and to the collection and statistical interpretation of the measurement data.

About Aryaka
Aryaka is the world’s first and only global, private, optimized, secure and on demand network that delivers simplicity and agility to address all enterprise connectivity and application performance needs for better collaboration, communication and business productivity. Aryaka eliminates the need for costly WAN appliances or long-haul private MPLS links. Aryaka’s premier WAN Optimization as-a-Service accelerates any application to any location on one optimized network. Aryaka’s Network as-a-Service provides organizations an optimized network with QoS for instant and reliable business connectivity. Aryaka’s Network OnDemand provides organizations with flexibility, agility, connectivity and optimization worldwide. Aryaka’s Cloud Network as-a-Service provides organizations an optimized and fully meshed network to cloud services. Aryaka’s Application Delivery as-a-Service enables distributed business users to quickly access centralized enterprise applications and Cloud resources from anywhere in the world over a private CDN built for the enterprise. All services provide end-to-end visibility with 24×7 world-class support. To learn more, visit Follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and LinkedIn.


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