InvenSense is a fabless semiconductor company. We supply sensors to companies that are into mobile, automotive, and industrial. Like you see my watch here, it is a wearable; when I turn my wrist up, the phone automatically lights up and shows me a display.  That’s our technology being delivered into the product. I started here about a year ago today, and within the first week of starting, I had multiple internal employees come up to me and complain about performance from site to site. So we were looking for different suppliers. I looked at the traditional suppliers out there, as I have used those in many other shops, and then I looked at Aryaka.

So with Aryaka we started a POC. The POC was actually up in just hours, and we already were getting results right out of the gate. After trying the POC for one month, it was obvious that we couldn’t turn around, and we needed to continue forward. Our customers were happy, and we continue to deploy it to all of the sites that needed it. As of today, that’s seven sites that we have rolled out, and will continue to do more.

Another huge benefit for us as we open new sites – we have a new site recently in Italy in Milan – is that site was literally up in days. If I compare that to an MPLS supplier, that would be three to four months. So the advantages I am getting with Aryaka are huge. You know we chose Aryaka because of the team that comes with them. I only had one network guy, and once I chose Aryaka, I actually got a team of network guys across the world.

More importantly it was the cost – no capital. I had low monthly expenses, as compared to the competitors, and it really took the customer complaints from dozens to zero overnight.

And the beauty with Aryaka is, not only can I connect my own sites into a global mesh network with MPLS, WAN acceleration and QoS, but I can also connect to suppliers like Microsoft, and have that experience for cloud-based tools, the same as it is for another site. That is a huge advantage for us. I also had a competitor of Aryaka, it is one of the cornerstone MPLS, WAN acceleration suppliers that told me once – “Kenny, be careful with your decisions, because I can guarantee if you choose us you will never lose your job.” And I’ll tell you, I think that gentleman was very wrong. I think CIOs out there that take that advice and go with a company that is known, that is charging outrageous prices, they are actually, maybe putting themselves at risk. In today’s market, you have to be able to respond fast, and cloud is a very common way to do things. I think Aryaka’s service offering in the cloud makes complete sense, and we are a hundred percent behind it.