Bi Xiang Rong, IT Manager at TLD Asia Ltd

TLD is the leading industrial group specialized in Airport Groud Support Equipment (GSE.)  Our Previous IPsec VPN was not stable. We also applied WAN Optimization hardware devices, but it was not helping a lot.

It took employees in China a very long time to access our in-house applications hosted in our data centers because IPsec VPN was experiencing high packet loss and latency.

Troubleshooting and opening tickets was a nightmare.

Aryaka SmartCONNECT delivers a fast, global network connection. Currently, we have five running sites, averaging up to 33x faster application performance, up to 96% data reduction, and file sharing data reduced to 89%.

I think a fast, stable, global connection from Aryaka did help us a lot regarding real-time global collaboration and increase overall work productivity.

These are the key areas Aryaka contributed in helping us beat our competitors and enabled us to win more customers.

The perks with Aryaka were huge. The teams from Aryaka are very responsive. The POC was very successful. All five global sites went live in less than one day. All of them are running at guaranteed latency and throughput. Real-time visibility helps us a lot when monitoring traffic and performance.

I don’t think there are any vendors out there that can do all these in one go.

Looking back at my decisions in working with Aryaka was very successful, and I’m sure I made the right choice.