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3 Reasons to Blame Your Network for Slow Office 365

I stumbled across a webpage the other day that perfectly captures the frustration knowledge workers experience as productivity applications move to the cloud: “Best practices for using Office 365 on a slow network.” Poor Office 365 performance is all too common these days. After all, we used to access Office programs over the WAN. Now, […]

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3 Tips for Successful Office 365 Deployment for a Global Workforce

When global enterprises need 24/7 access to a SaaS product like Microsoft Office 365, a missed moment can make a massive difference to the bottom line. Office 365 is one of the most popular tools for global enterprise collaboration. Though it provides excellent solutions for file sharing, remote collaboration, email, and messaging, there can be […]

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We recently announced a record breaking quarter, in which we achieved over 120% year-over-year growth in bookings for Q1 2016, fueled by new customer acquisitions, install-base growth, and record channel partner contributions. In fact, over the past three consecutive quarters, we’ve signed up over 150 global enterprise customers, increasing our customer base to over 400. […]

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ExpressRoute [Alone] is not the Silver Lining

The uptake in cloud services by South African enterprises – driven most recently by the aggressive adoption of Microsoft Office 365 and Azure – has created a new set of network challenges. The success of Cloud has effectively broken the Internet. A typical story starts with the pursuit of commercial benefits through a move to […]

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What Microsoft’s recent Earnings Release means for enterprise networking

In their recently published Earnings Release for FY15 Q4, Microsoft announced that their commercial cloud revenue grew by 88%. The growth was driven by Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics CRM Online, and their commercial cloud business is now on an annualized revenue run rate of over $8 billion. Office 365 consumer subscribers increased to 15.2 […]

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Why Application Performance is the Cloud’s Achilles’ heel

Who should you trust for your Cloud Acceleration needs? The cloud wasn’t built for application performance. A basic assumption that cloud providers lean on is that the Internet (and almost every one of the network of networks) will eventually catch up to the cloud’s evolving computing and distribution models. Well, reality hasn’t been cooperating. Underperforming […]

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Why deploying Office 365 and other cloud services globally could spark an end-user revolt

IT is embracing the cloud like never before. Why? Because the value is easy to quantify, and the ROI is compelling. As more businesses shift to the cloud, major cloud providers are tripping over each other to try to woo customers through lower prices, more features, and even easier-to-use UIs. Companies that delivered all of […]

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Pluto Cloud Services CEO speaks out against MPLS and traditional WAN opt

The status quo is failing companies worldwide, and Pluto Cloud Services is ready to help them change By Larry Chaffin, Chairman and CEO, Pluto Cloud Services My company had always been selling telco carrier MPLS and WAN acceleration appliances to our customers. It was a good fit, did its job and was accepted by companies as […]

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Truth is generally the best vindication against slander – Abraham Lincoln

I recently received an email from one of our prospects sharing a competitive document with me that they would like us to respond to. Imagine my surprise when I realized the document was a competitive analysis of Aryaka versus Riverbed. My first thought was: why would a successful public company like Riverbed with a billion […]

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