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We recently announced a record breaking quarter, in which we achieved over 120% year-over-year growth in bookings for Q1 2016, fueled by new customer acquisitions, install-base growth, and record channel partner contributions. In fact, over the past three consecutive quarters, we’ve signed up over 150 global enterprise customers, increasing our customer base to over 400. […]

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3 Reasons to Blame Your Network for Slow Office 365

I stumbled across a webpage the other day, which perfectly captures the frustration knowledge workers experience as productivity apps move to the cloud: “Best practices for using Office 365 on a slow network”. Poor Office 365 performance is all too common these days. After all, we used to access Office programs over the WAN. Now, […]

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ExpressRoute [Alone] is not the Silver Lining

The uptake in cloud services by South African enterprises – driven most recently by the aggressive adoption of Microsoft Office 365 and Azure – has created a new set of network challenges. The success of Cloud has effectively broken the Internet. A typical story starts with the pursuit of commercial benefits through a move to […]

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What Microsoft’s recent Earnings Release means for enterprise networking

In their recently published Earnings Release for FY15 Q4, Microsoft announced that their commercial cloud revenue grew by 88%. The growth was driven by Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics CRM Online, and their commercial cloud business is now on an annualized revenue run rate of over $8 billion. Office 365 consumer subscribers increased to 15.2 […]

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The Great Enterprise Cloud Migration – Are you being left behind?

Just how big is the migration away from on-premises applications and to cloud computing? It’s a large enough stampede that it’s happening on its own spontaneously, without much planning and often outside of the control, and even knowledge, of the IT department. According to a report from cloud security startup Skyhigh Networks, the average company […]

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