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By now, you probably have seen that something big is about to happen on December 7. We will break through the status quo and, we believe, usher in a new era. The Cloud-First Era. Two weeks ago, I attended our company-wide town hall meeting where our Product Management and Engineering teams showed the rest of the organization what’s to come. The convergence of networking and network security-as-a-service is probably a good guess, but there’s more. Much more.

This section of the blog is a bit of personal history. Almost three decades ago, I attended another town hall meeting in the fall of 1992. This one took place at the Porsche Development Center in Weissach, Germany. I was an intern student working in the clients-project management department, where I got exposed for the first time in my career to the Toyota Production System, which informs Lean manufacturing and Lean management, which informs Agile for software development and releases. Shortly after that, the public got to see what the team had been working on.

It’s a fantastic place, combining a racetrack and all functions required to develop the iconic sports and race cars Porsche is known for. And it’s located close to the main production factory in kilometers and information exchange. In the software world, one could call this DevOps. And since Porsche pays attention not only to acceleration – something we at Aryaka know a thing or two about for application acceleration – but also deceleration and safety of the drivers of its cars (users), as one example, check out the different color-coded braking systems – as do we with the security and protection of the network, apps, and users.

It was a defining moment for Porsche and the industry. I have a link to an article at the bottom of the blog if you want to read more about it. Above all, the outcome for the driver/user is the experience that is exhilarating and delightful – from start to finish.

We think December 7 will be a defining moment and a breakthrough from the status quo of the Telco-based experience for networking and network security.

Customer Experience Is Never An Afterthought

Aryaka is known for its high Net Promoter Score and customer endorsements while providing a superior application performance. Our customers continuously point out how different, better, just more delightful the experience is using our managed services. And no wonder, with our integrated approach to technology, processes, workflows, and cloud-based services delivery, lifecycle services are also never an afterthought or extra but always part of our offering. I blogged about this topic here and here and wrote a short paper about customer experience. As a company with a customer-first mindset, I started a weekly series on our social media channels with #TrustThursday to let our customers’ voices express what they value and why they trust us with their networks, data, and application traffic. After all, applications and data are the currency of a modern, digital enterprise. It’s where and how business gets done and revenue is generated.

Enterprises are being valued, grow, and thrive if they can deliver a better experience – for their users, employees, and partners. The network and network security play a vital role in this, as do the economics of providing the services an IT organization needs to be a business enabler. And it’s not only about comparing the cost of a stand-alone product or a feature, the pre-sales advanced consulting services or post-sales technical support that can be bought extra, but the total cost of ownership (TCO) and consumption of the service as a whole. This is where Aryaka excels: providing outstanding performance, reliability, and long-term value with a lower TCO.

A Better Path Forward For Tomorrow, Today

Part of our DNA is listening to our customers, serving them with a customer-first mindset and can-do attitude, and continuously innovating. Innovate with our products, global POP-based architecture, the integration of technology, service workflows, network traffic and applications insights, management capabilities, and how to consume our services. We have done that since our founding in 2009, and you can expect more from us. Last but not least, it’s also about how our channel partners can accelerate the transformation from MPLS and carrier-dependent services of their customers with Aryaka’s help. And accelerate their growth with us. We recently introduced our new Channel Partner Program, Aryaka Accelerate (you detect a mini-theme here: it’s about speed and a great experience for everyone in the value chain). Our partners can be confident and trust that they will succeed with us, today and tomorrow.

I mentioned earlier that the upcoming breakthrough unveiling is much more than just stand-alone product news. It will touch on many aspects of a managed service delivery, building on our experience and expertise. And unlike for Telco providers, there is no need to re-invent us. Nor do we need ‘A blueprint for telecom’s critical reinvention’ – as an article from McKinsey says. Having helped to usher in and pioneer a cloud-first architecture to deliver services over a decade ago was and still is the blueprint. One on which we’ll expand.

What’s Next

Experience with Aryaka You will see a series of blogs on this page from our product management, engineering, and support teams that will detail our innovations and how we make them work together to deliver an even better, delightful experience.

Until then, just as no one knew what Porsche had in store until the public unveiling, you will have to wait for our announcement on December 7 at 1.00 AM EST | 10.00 AM PST.

Or, in case you really can’t make that date, catch the presentation from our CMO Shashi Kiran and SVP of Product Management Hugo Vliegen at Gartner IOCS on December 8 at 2.15 PM EST | 11.15 AM PST. Use promo code “LSC40SP” to save $475 on registration.

There is no substitute – but to hear directly from the Aryaka team.

PS: if you are a Tesla fan. It’s going to be ludicrous.


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Klaus Schwegler
Klaus is a Director of Marketing in Aryaka’s Product and Solution Marketing team. He has over 25 years of experience in the networking, data center, and semiconductor industries with positions held in product and solutions marketing, integrated programs marketing, customer service, and business development. Previous roles included with Equinix, Cisco, Philips Lumileds, Infineon, and Mitsubishi Electronics. He holds a B.SC degree from HfWU Nuertingen-Geislingen in Business Administration - Automotive & Management.