Walking the Walk

Aryaka launches Secure Web Gateway in a truly unified SASE solution


Today we announced the availability of our Secure Web Gateway.  What is so exciting about the milestone is not that we now have SWG but how we are delivering it.  Truly integrated with our SD-WAN, managed as-a-service with a unified control plane and a single management pane.  Which is a lot to say that we are one of only a few companies … maybe the only … that is truly delivering on SASE.  That is AWESOME!

A Promise:  Less is So Much More

Our customers don’t want more solutions.  They need less.  They want to reduce the stack of vendors that they manage.  Eliminate the network handoffs and routing trickery that inevitably leads to issues.  Cut-out the time spent troubleshooting with finger-pointing carriers looking to ‘pass-the-buck’ on the root cause.

Yes, the promise of SASE is about converging network and security in one platform and one service.  But the real promise, the real allure of bringing it all together is about doing so much more by doing less.  Less configuring and un-configuring.  Less time wasted.  Less mistakes and adware and heartburn and ransomware and 2AM phone calls and …

First thing seen during a security incident

If you’ve known us for even a hot minute, you know that our network performance is incredible.  Our management portal is massively intuitive.  Our customer success team will absolutely blow you away.  But why we get up every day, motivated and energized, is that we know that fulfilling this promise of SASE will unlock a world of opportunity for customers.  What could they do if they had more productive time and dealt less with the bullshit?

Seeing security services like firewall, URL filtering, content blocking, and malware protection sitting right beside network and application performance is not just convenient, it’s liberating.  It takes the heavy burden of complexity off the shoulders of IT teams, freeing them up to build and do what they want to.  This is SASE.  And seeing that first-hand is absolutely amazing.

Show Me, Don’t Tell Me

In an infamous blog from December 2019, Andrew Lerner, a lead Gartner Analyst discussed the new phrase ‘SASE’ and prophesized, “We are already seeing (and anticipate a lot more) hype and marketing (and Powerpoint and hyperbole …).”  Holy cow was he right!  Every carrier and security vendor in the business is now calling themselves SASE.  But when you look under the hood, you see the same old parts, working the same old way, causing the same old headaches.


The team at Aryaka is not fashioning Powerpoint slides on top of disparate products and calling it SASE.  We are actually doing the work to integrate.  And it’s hard. Really hard!  But it’s absolutely worth it.  And the results are amazing.

But don’t let us tell you.  Let us show you!

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: we are building something special here at Aryaka.  Walking the walk … and loving every minute of it.  Give us a shout, check out what’s under the hood, and see if it’s a journey that you want to join us on.

About the author

Dennis Monner
Dennis Monner is the Chief Commercial Officer at Aryaka. He joined the Aryaka team through the acquisition of Secucloud where he was the founder and CEO, helping Aryaka leapfrog to become the leader in converged network and security solutions. Prior to Secucloud, Dennis was the founder and CEO of Gateprotect, a next generation firewall solution that was acquired by Rohde & Schwarz. A serial entrepreneur and security industry thought leader, Dennis brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to an already incredible team.